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Faith groups are teaming up with liberal secular organizations to combat the ideology, which they say is a threat to democracy — and, for many, their religion.

In a blistering 29-page order, the judge said the airline acted as if its own policy limiting what employees can say is more important than a federal law protecting religious speech.

The app replicates an instant messaging platform, allowing users to chat with ChatGPT impersonations of biblical figures, including the apostles, the prophets, Ruth, Job, Lot, and more.

'The majority of white evangelicals have accepted this idea that Trump wants what they want,' said Michael Wear, who runs The Center for Christianity and Public Life. 'I’m not sure this indictment changes that.'

For the two biggest right-wing firebrands in Congress, faith and fundraising have gone hand in hand.

In a statement, a Liberty University spokesperson insisted the school 'is confident it will ultimately prevail in this case.'

This issue of A Public Witness looks at the dustup over St. Isidore of Seville Catholic Virtual School – a proposed sectarian public school – and the new lawsuit joined by some Baptist and United Church of Christ ministers.

Missouri plans to execute Johnny Johnson on August 1, a man so severely mentally ill that he believes Satan is using the state of Missouri to kill him and bring about the end of the world.

After Christian musician Sean Feucht brought his God and Country concert to the Indiana Statehouse, Hoosier members of the Satanic Temple demanded access for a concert of their own.

Like many Republican candidates for president, Vivek Ramaswamy has been outspoken about religion on the campaign trail. But his Hindu faith has caused controversy among some evangelicals who view non-Christian religions with skepticism.