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Brian KaylorAbout the Editor

Brian Kaylor started as the ninth editor of Word&Way in December of 2016. An award-winning journalist and author, he has written four books and worked for several Baptist ministries.

In this bonus edition of A Public Witness, editors Brian Kaylor and Beau Underwood look at vaccine hesitancy among Christians, especially White evangelicals, and consider its causes and ways of addressing it. With the spread of the Delta variant raising alarms, time is short for convincing these skeptical followers of Jesus to protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated.

Editors Brian Kaylor and Beau Underwood outline the theological reasons for a COVID-19 vaccination outreach effort centered around clergy. Such an act is not only a matter of public health, it is also a witness to what we believe about the Gospel.

Editor-in-Chief Brian Kaylor argues that as the delta variant of COVID-19 fuels a new spike in cases in some parts of the U.S., conservative Christians who refuse vaccination are putting people at risk and undermining the teachings of Jesus.

In a guest piece for Americans United, Editor-in-Chief Brian Kaylor writes why on the Fourth of July, which falls on a Sunday this year, he won’t be attending church.

We explore the culture war around Critical Race Theory. We question the motives of those who started the fight, the degree that those who picked up arms actually understand what CRT is all about, and a key Christian doctrine we risk abandoning by joining the new culture war of “us” versus “them.” 

Russell Moore deserves many of the accolades he received recently, but Brian Kaylor argues the hagiographers miss the real lesson of this morality tale. As Southern Baptists gather this week for their annual meeting in Nashville, it is important to see there is more to the story.

Editor-in-Chief Brian Kaylor responds to Paige Patterson claiming during a sermon that a “lynch mob” was out to get him. Kaylor notes that not only is Patterson inaccurately using the metaphor, but Patterson’s words are an injustice to real victims.

While Rep. Matt Gaetz’s behavior may pose legal troubles for him, it proves embarrassing to a religious movement whose claims ring hollow when championed by such a messenger. Worse yet, his views are emblematic of a dangerous belief system rampaging through the country and its churches. 

Editor-in-Chief Brian Kaylor reflects on recent violence between Israel and Hamas to argue that a ceasefire will not actually bring peace and justice to the people living in Gaza. Kaylor adds insights learned from Arab and Palestinian Christians.

Criticism of Saddleback Church for ordaining women shows that there are competing visions for what the future of evangelicalism in America looks like. More interestingly, we believe this debate reveals how the Bible (and its interpretation) is often used as a tool for preserving power.