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Touching Lives – Enon Baptist Church

The shepherd of Enon Baptist Church is shepherded by his people — from backslidden days to the gates of heaven.

In a sermon marking the congregation's 100th anniversary on Oct. 16, pastor Randy Trumbo pointed to his own life as an example of the way in which members have touched each other's lives.

Trumbo and his family moved to the Russellville area in 1977. Though Christians, he and his wife, Creeda, had drifted away from the Lord. Shortly after the Trumbos' arrival, Enon members and then-pastor Bill Skelton showed up on their doorstep. "God drew us back" through them, Trumbo said.

The Trumbos got involved in the life of their new church, and in 1981, the church ordained Trumbo as a deacon. The following year, members licensed and ordained him to the ministry.

His two children grew up in the Enon church, where both were saved and baptized.

Trumbo served as pastor for about four years, then felt called to another area. Nine years ago, Enon Baptist called him back.

Love continued to flow. Randy and Creeda ministered to the community and shared their church families' joys and sorrows. Last year, the bond deepened as members walked with their pastor through Creeda's unexpected death.

Trumbo reminded the Oct. 16 packed house that God wants the church to reach out in the same way to others. "It's not only here that we encounter one another…but it is the place we encounter the Lord God Himself," the pastor said. "We must be able to communicate that — how special God is…. God is not just God of the past…but He is God of the present and the future….

"The past is our reference point…but Enon is not just about the past. God gave us a mission to proclaim Christ," he said. "How does God work? Through His people…."

For Trumbo, that means leading his people to continue to reach out — just as they have to him. (10-25-04)