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Ryan Whitaker’s new film 'Surprised by Oxford,' based on Carolyn Weber’s memoir of the same name, explores what happens when our plans and expectations are thwarted by the vagaries of life.

Contributing writer Sarah Blackwell makes the case that children are walking around each day speaking the language of the world, so it is powerful when we can take those stories and translate them into our own religious language.

Contributing writer Rodney Kennedy argues that Rev. Mark Burns abused the Bible for secular political purposes during a recent ReAwaken America Tour event in order to foment violence and promote insurrection.

Russell Jackson makes the case that the Missouri Baptist Convention’s Executive Director, John Yeats, and its Executive Board have presided over the ruination of two of the three remaining universities affiliated with the MBC.

Lawmakers are arguing that if the federal government can restrict structures in the Rio Grande, then they could use the same Act everywhere because of Noah’s flood. Putting aside the legal silliness of the appeal to Genesis, this issue of A Public Witness joins the 22 Republican representatives in their thought experiment.

The recent Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) General Assembly demonstrated the growing commitment within the denomination to social justice and inclusion as key Gospel mandates.

At the 2023 General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Louisville, Kentucky, one of the smallest Mainline denominations met to discuss some of the church's biggest issues.

Contributing writer Rodney Kennedy argues that Southern Baptists are engaged in a long slow return to Rome in a couple of very particular ways: one pagan and one religious.

Focusing almost entirely on the SBC not only minimizes the theological (and political and racial) diversity of Baptists, but it also privileges a patriarchal body over others.

Theologian and anti-apartheid activist Allan Boesak reacts to the recent U.S. House of Representatives resolution expressing support for Israel.