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Contributing writer Rodney Kennedy makes the case that the current progression in transgressive rhetoric is not a Trump problem — it is a human problem. And even more disturbing it is a Christian problem.

Contributing writer Sarah Blackwell reflects on the power of music to reveal bits of the mystery of God.

Wendell Griffen argues that Israel is not making war on Hamas — Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

Contributing writer Rodney Kennedy argues that the new Speaker of the House has missed some important lessons in hermeneutics — the Bible is not self-interpreting.

Edward Walsh reflects on his experiences in the Middle East and what following the teachings of Jesus should look like in this time of conflict.

Contributing writer Sarah Blackwell champions the idea that churches can offer counter-cultural recreational programs to put youth sports back at the right size and scale.

While Texas Gov. Greg Abbott lampooned sanctuary cities by sending buses full of desperate people seeking safety for themselves and their families, he did not anticipate that they would be received with open hearts, houses, and churches.

Contributing writer Rodney Kennedy makes the case that the most color-shifting term in our political vocabulary is 'rights.'

Ryan Whitaker’s new film 'Surprised by Oxford,' based on Carolyn Weber’s memoir of the same name, explores what happens when our plans and expectations are thwarted by the vagaries of life.

Contributing writer Sarah Blackwell makes the case that children are walking around each day speaking the language of the world, so it is powerful when we can take those stories and translate them into our own religious language.