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BETHLEHEM, West Bank (AP) — For decades, the people of Bethlehem have watched tour buses drive up to the Church of the Nativity, disgorge their passengers for a few hours at the traditional birthplace of Jesus, and then return to Israel.

Word&Way has started a partnership with Luminar Bautista, the media arm of Venezuelan Baptists. Luminar Bautista, which started in 1951, means “Baptist Light.”

BETHLEHEM, West Bank (AP) — A tiny wooden relic that some Christians believe to be part of Jesus' manger arrived Saturday in its permanent home in the biblical city of Bethlehem 1,400 years after it was sent to Rome as a gift to the pope.

NDIA (BP) -- Regaining consciousness after attackers left him for dead in his house church in eastern India, pastor Basant Kumar Paul proclaimed he no longer fears persecution and is certain of his heavenly home.

A majority of the children living in low- and middle-income nations are experiencing “learning poverty,” according to a World Bank report published Oct. 17.

SYRIA, (BP) -- The Islamic State (ISIS) is claiming responsibility for two attacks on Christians in northeast Syria that killed nine and wounded 71, as Christians continue to flee villages just outside a proposed safe zone at the Syria-Turkey border.

In his address for World Day of the Poor 2019, Pope Francis said the inequalities and social imbalances described in the Bible are largely unchanged today.

RICHMOND, Va. (BP) -- When the Berlin Wall went up in 1961, a barrier 103 miles long and 13 feet high enclosed West Berlin. It cut off some people from jobs, churches, families and friends. Several Baptist churches in West Berlin lost hundreds of members, some half their membership.

NEW DELHI, India (BP) -- A U.S. pastor attending a Sunday School conference in India could be stranded there until December after being arrested for failing to report money he was carrying.

(The Conversation) World Vision, among the largest Christian humanitarian agencies on Earth, is now flipping the script on child sponsorship. Instead of donors always getting to choose children, children are beginning to choose donors.