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Perhaps the looming transition in Israeli politics from the charismatic leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu to an unprecedented coalition government featuring right, center, left, and even Islamist parties is the chance to interrogate what the attitude of U.S. Christians towards Israel should be.

Like Donald Trump in the United States, Bolsonaro initially dismissed COVID-19 as a “little flu” and made evangelical Christian support a centerpiece of his political strategy. As the pandemic grew more dire through the spring, pastors have had a powerful influence on health policy.

Pope Francis on Thursday denounced “aggressive” nationalism that rejects migrants, and said Catholics should follow the Gospel-mandated call for an inclusive, welcoming church that doesn’t distinguish between “natives and foreigners, residents, and guests.”

Bitter negotiations over Northern Ireland’s status after Brexit have reignited old tensions between Irish Catholic nationalists and pro-British Protestant unionists. Dissident paramilitary groups have also allegedly renewed a bombing campaign against Northern Irish police forces.

Famines in biblical times were interpreted as more than mere natural occurrences. The authors of the Hebrew Bible used famine as a mechanism of divine wrath and destruction – but also as a storytelling device, a way to move the narrative forward.

The eruption of the La Soufrière volcano on Friday left the population on the main island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines without clean water. Local churches and international relief groups quickly started mobilizing aid.

Amid widespread disgust with traditional politicians and an extremely fragmented electorate, Frepap, the political arm of a messianic religious group called the Israelites of the New Universal Pact, has emerged as a potential favorite in legislative elections Sunday.

Across the country and the globe, World Vision is continuing a multi-pronged effort to meet the needs of people facing the health crisis and the secondary effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, the crisis that began more than a year ago has claimed 2.89 million lives.

The attitudes of Christian religious leaders in the Middle East and North Africa towards the Arab Spring have differed. While these religious leaders in Egypt and Syria opposed the 2011 uprisings, their counterparts in Iraq and Lebanon have been supportive of the wave of protests since 2019.

Christians in the Holy Land are marking Good Friday this year amid signs the coronavirus crisis is winding down, with religious sites open to limited numbers of faithful but none of the mass pilgrimages usually seen in the Holy Week leading up to Easter.