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Contributing writer Rodney Kennedy argues that we should see the cross and the rainbow flag together and identify Christ with a community of excluded people.

Marijuana will almost certainly be legalized throughout the United States and we should have a conversation about how we deal with church members who use it for medical or recreational purposes.

Tim Keller, an influential Presbyterian Church in America minister and bestselling author, has died at the age of 72. Despite their different beliefs, Juliet Vedral reflects on the points from his leadership that she will always treasure.

Contributing writer Sarah Blackwell has watched a generation of young people she worked with over the last two decades walk away from the church and organized religion — and she's not alone. So, what did we do wrong?

May 15, 1948 — 75 years ago — a human rights travesty began. Palestinians and those of us who are in solidarity with their liberation and human rights movement commemorate what is referred to as the Nakba, which means “catastrophe” in Arabic.

Contributing writer Greg Mamula offers the final entry in a six-part series on the future of the church. In this article, he focuses on the importance of developing multiple revenue streams.

We often imagine maturing in faith means putting aside more "childish" ways of viewing God. But Kelly Fremon Craig’s film adaptation of Judy Blume’s "Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret" shows that what's often needed is a more childlike approach so we don't mistake a means to God for an end.

Much like the evangelical megachurches that have since taken over many a suburban mall movie theater, shopping malls initially catered to middle-class America during the height of White flight and represent an interesting case study of social stratification and culture.

For Earth Day, Lauren Graeber reflects on the spiritual practice of working the land and the deep wisdom it can offer about where and how to encounter a life of faith.

Evangelicals place great stress on the authority of the Bible and have often labeled their interpretation “the biblical view.” Contributing writer Rodney Kennedy outlines the problems with this framing and offers some helpful tips for combating it.