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Columnist Greg Mamula reflects on the encounter in Luke 8.26-39 between Jesus and a Garasene community that included a man overwhelmed by the constant presence of a Legion of demons.

We live in a society of convenience and comfort that is unlike any society before us anywhere. So, to tell that unvarnished truth often doesn’t fit in with our lives of incredible comfort, affluence, and ease.

Reflecting on a past experience, contemporary science, and biblical teachings, columnist Wade Paris writes about why we lie and, more importantly, why we should tell the truth.

We all use the word ‘justice’ but do we mean the same thing when we use that word? Columnist Greg Mamula reflects on the importance of listening to others to hear their perspective when they talk about justice and injustice.

Columnist Terrell Carter reflects on Psalm 66 and what it can teach us about the act of personally voicing praise and listening to others offer praise for God’s goodness.

Columnist Christopher Dixon writes about conspiracy theories during coronavirus, and the responsibility Christians have to not spread conspiracy theories and falsehoods.

Columnist Heather Feeler writes that in this unrelenting season, we need to practice radical self-care. For her, that means binge-watching singing competition shows.

Columnist Ken Satterfield reflects on how churches could be impacted by the world – in a good way. And perhaps by showing the diversity of the world, churches will be better equipped to go out into that world and minister.

Columnist Wade Paris writes about the courage shown by the biblical character Esther and that of his mother also named Esther.

Columnist Greg Mamula reflects on recent efforts by athletes to protest against racial injustice by boycotting games. He notes that sports are a reward for a functioning society, and we are not a healthy, functioning society right now.