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Columnist Ken Satterfield considers the potential of email signatures, the P.S. of electronic mail as the last impression your message will leave. This can provide ways to use the emails you send to encourage, amuse, uplift, and inspire your recipients.

Columnist Greg Mamula reflects on the crowd waving at Jesus during Holy Week and asks what kind of king did they think they were waving at. And he wonders how we might answer that same question today.

Patrick Wilson reflects on visiting the campus of his alma mater, Baylor University, hours after the school’s Commission on Historic Campus Representations publicly released its report documenting Baylor’s ties to slavery and the Confederacy.

Wade Paris writes about small churches, their rich history, and their continued ministry. He argues that they are the faithful who keep the spirit of God alive until God does a new thing.

Columnist Christopher Dixon writes that the pros and cons of technology use for churches are never-ending, but churches must continue to adapt and change as technology changes, so as not be left in the dust.

Donald Jump responds to a criticism of his legal filings by Missouri Baptist Convention Executive Director John Yeats. Jump criticizes the MBC’s effort to takeover Southwest Baptist University.

Columnist Greg Mamula writes about what he calls “table life.” He says gathering around the table is a sacred event; it creates space for the Spirit to move, in an environment where conversations happen naturally.

Jeanie McGowan reflects on the decision to get a COVID-19 vaccination, and how the experience went. She also notes how she and her husband will continue to do their part to help their community stop the spread of the virus.

Columnist Christopher Dixon writes that it’s time to make some shifts in the Southern Baptist Convention. It’s time to elect someone to head up the SBC who is interested in scriptural accuracy when it comes to race relations; someone who is interested in leading with the heart of Christ over any other motivation.

Columnist Terrell Carter writes that not all of us are called or able to be on the frontlines of service for God’s kingdom, but that does not stop us from being able to make a significant contribution in our own way.