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Liberation theologians Allan Boesak and Wendell Griffen make the case that people who care about love, justice, and peace should be disgusted by U.S. complicity in the Israeli oppression of Palestinians.

Kansas City pastor Darron Edwards shares his thoughts on the mass shooting at the Super Bowl victory rally and suggests possible paths forward.

Contributing writer Rodney Kennedy argues that the acceptance of Trump's consistent lies as a legitimate political strategy has become an addictive drug for our culture and is starting to impact our children.

Lutheran theologian Duane Larson writes that with bad faith, an incorrect interpretation of history, and just plain wrong theo-logic, MAGA-sympathetic theologians are arguing to undo the U.S. Constitution.

Contributing writer Sarah Blackwell explores 'hidden' stories that stood right next to the biblical scriptures as having a valuable word to say about who we are as a people of faith.

The story of this former youth pastor and Jan. 6 insurrectionist is worth highlighting because his more recent words show a person facing the prospect of prison and also now confronting the notion that he was duped by his religious elders.

Contributing writer Rodney Kennedy explores how recent rhetoric from Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas surrounding 'illegitimacy' reveals broader stakes for democratic deliberation.

For the final day of Advent, contributing writer Sarah Blackwell ponders what we should focus on as we watch the Christ Candle lit once again this year.

Azar Ajaj, president of Nazareth Evangelical College, brings our attention to overlooked Middle Eastern Christians as instruments that God is using to bring peace to the region.

Christmas reminds us it is precisely in the midst of the darkness of hatred that it is time for love to be born.