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Columnist Greg Mamula reflects on the power of stories and how we need stories that come from outside our immediate context to remind us of different experiences.

Columnist Ken Satterfield unpacks how to use the HEIC photo format as church communicators may find themselves with new phones offering better ways of capturing and sharing ministry moments.

The word for 2020 is disorder. Thankfully, writes columnist Terrell Carter, Psalm 93 reminds us that God’s power and authority rises above the disorder of our lives.

As people across the country consider racism and racial injustices, columnist Wade Paris reflects on racial issues emerging at various churches during his decades as a pastor.

Columnist Christopher Dixon admits feeling fatigue amide coronavirus, racial injustices, and more. But he also sees the importance of churches and Christians staying engaged and listening.

Columnist Heather Feeler reflects on a hike that crossed a few creeks, and what she learned from that journey about God, faith, and unexpected times like living in a pandemic.

We are living in a historic moment. But will we record our memories for future generations to understand life and faith during coronavirus? Ken Satterfield offers suggestions on journaling during this pandemic.

Crises have a way of exposing the best and the worst leaders. I believe there is one common trait present in all ineffective leaders: emotional insecurity. Stated simply, insecure leaders produce insecurity. They poison all that surrounds them.

Dwight McKissic shares an open letter to SBTS President Al Mohler and SBTS trustees requesting they remove honors on campus to the school's founders, including by renaming SBTS's undergraduate college and several buildings.

Alex Awad, pastor at East Jerusalem Baptist Church and a professor at Bethlehem Bible College, argues that U.S. evangelicals should oppose an expected move by Israel to annex part of the occupied Palestinian territories.