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Mister Rogers' Neighborhood could again become a household fixture, this time in the form of a Lego set.

With growing uncertainty surrounding evangelical support for former President Donald Trump, DeSantis is courting one of the Republican Party’s most sought-after constituencies.

New policies that took effect last week are exacerbating the strain on many shelters on the southern side of the United States-Mexico border.

While Rep. Emil Bergquist’s recent a cappella rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer” was new, the dedication to religion in the Statehouse was not.

The reflex to support certain types of violence has led to the quick canonization of vigilantes as new American saints. So this issue of A Public Witness documents this trend in recent political discourse and considers the dangerous gospel it preaches.

Christian nationalism has ‘infiltrated’ the Latino Christian community ‘in such a powerful way,’ said one clergyman, ‘that they are not even aware of the position they are supporting.’

This issue of A Public Witness highlights some Christians challenging the rhetoric of Michael Flynn and others at the ReAwaken America Tour before offering a theological reminder about how we talk about those with whom we disagree.

Lawmakers routinely entertain policy ideas shaped by fringe religious views — restrictions placed on transgender residents, anti-abortion propaganda, tax dollars for private schools, a refusal to acknowledge systemic racism.

A group of local clergy and national faith leaders spoke in opposition to the Trump National Doral Miami stop of the ReAwaken America Tour.

The new rule, which goes into effect May 16, rejects asylum claims for most people who cross the border but do not first seek asylum in Mexico.