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‘Bishop Beaman’s extensive experience and deep roots in Africa will enable him to lead the Council to achieve its full potential,’ the White House said.

A new reports finds that the number of Christian refugees coming to the US has declined at a time when persecution is on the rise.

This issue of A Public Witness attends the initial conversation about Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's "School Choice Sunday" — an effort to direct what pastors say from the pulpit — before offering a short homily about the politics of preaching.

In an amended complaint filed in federal court last week, Falwell Jr. alleged several board members diverted university funds to private causes and overlooked sexual misconduct by former leaders.

'Instead of focusing on and addressing the real issues, you spend time promoting hate and division, contrary to our deepest religious values,' reads a letter from activists addressed to Florida lawmakers.

Sixty years ago Friday (Sept. 15), four Ku Klux Klan members planted 19 sticks of dynamite next to a Black church in Birmingham, Alabama. Inside 16th Street Baptist Church, people gathered for Sunday worship. Then an apocalypse came.

A group of conservative lawmakers has been busy reshaping America’s relationship with abortion, LGBTQ issues, and religion. But their ultimate goal — bridging the separation between church and state — is far more ambitious.

'Surviving Bob Jones University: A Christian Cult' aims to show how alleged patterns of conformity, isolation, information control, and surveillance impacted members of the Bob Jones ecosystem.

This issue of A Public Witness looks at how the campaign strategy of Brandon Presley is all shook up, leaving those of us with suspicious minds about a partisan pulpit crying in the chapel.

In the wake of Greg Locke destroying a Barbie Dreamhouse playset with a “biblebat,” today’s issue of A Public Witness opens up the book on examples in faith, business, and politics of profaning the Bible by treating it like a prop.