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As bishops in the United States prepare to discuss the drafting of a document that could ban pro-choice Catholic politicians like President Joe Biden from receiving Communion, experts say while this is not a new debate, the stakes are higher than ever.

Seven states have an unconstitutional ban on atheists holding public office. Although superseded by Supreme Court rulings, the bans reflect the normalization of anti-atheism that has yet to be truly dealt with, or rarely acknowledged, in the United States.

We may not have subpoena power or ornate hearing rooms in Washington, D.C., but in this edition of A Public Witness we explore the evil spirit animating Jan. 6 that abides in too many churches and revealed itself at the U.S. Capitol. This is a demon that needs to be exorcised.

Ryan Burge explored the relationship between different faiths and the TV news they watch. Some very interesting patterns emerged across religious traditions – and the nonreligious – and the type of media being consumed.

As Tulsa pauses to mark the somber centenary of the Tulsa massacre in its Greenwood district, where Black Wall Street was located, Black people of faith are among those saying the time has come to repay as well as to remember. 

In agreeing to hear a potentially groundbreaking abortion case, the Supreme Court has energized activists on both sides of the long-running debate who are now girding to make abortion access a major issue in next year’s midterm elections.

The PBS series “American Experience” explores Billy Graham in a fascinating two-hour documentary premiering May 17, offering an authoritative look at Graham's life and ministry, from his beginnings as a dairy farmer’s son from Charlotte, North Carolina, to his death in February 2018 at age 99. 

On the eve of her removal from the House Republican leadership for failing to back President Donald Trump’s attacks on the 2020 election, U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney cited principles she insisted were foundational for many conservatives such as herself: the U.S. Constitution, the rule of law, and faith.

As more Americans have access to legal marijuana, most U.S. Protestant pastors remain opposed to its use and legalization. According to a study from Lifeway Research, fewer than 1 in 5 pastors (18%) say it should be legalized throughout the country for any purpose.

The John-Michael Tebelak and Stephen Schwartz musical is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month, a golden milestone for a show with roots in the hippie era but which can still speak to those on TikTok.