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A diverse group of pastors and religious leaders participated in a forum at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church to discuss Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s campaign to convince the 2024 Legislature to end its embargo on Medicaid reform.

'All we want for Christmas is a constant and comprehensive cease-fire and an end to this war,' said the Rev. Munther Isaac, pastor of Bethlehem’s Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church.

St. Isidore of Seville Catholic Virtual School could become the country’s first publicly funded religious charter school.

'We must join forces with Jews and Christians and Muslims around the world who are calling for a cease-fire in Gaza, and the safe return of all hostages and civilian prisoners," said the Rev. William Barber II.

Armed conflicts involving Israel are often associated with End Times’ battles by American evangelicals, as many believe the Jewish state will play a role in fulfilling the biblical prophecy.

The lawsuit was filed in January on behalf of 13 Christian, Jewish, and Unitarian Universalist leaders who support abortion rights.

This issue of A Public Witness features a guest post from Holly Hollman, general counsel and associate executive director at the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, reflecting on why the Religious Freedom Restoration Act still matters.

The march was intended as a response to numerous demonstrations across the country and the world — some led by Jews — calling for an end to Israel’s retaliatory strikes in Gaza.

Asked about Biden’s calls for 'humanitarian pauses' in the fighting, Barbara Williams-Skinner, CEO and co-founder of Skinner Leadership Institute, said: ‘It’s not adequate.’

Our reporting the day after Mike Johnson’s election to speaker of the House was the first to look at his preaching. One church we included in that story has removed his messages from its online sermons page — but not before Brian saved both of them.