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A blockbuster report found that SBC lawyers worked for years to protect the institution and demonized abuse survivors and accused a prominent pastor of abusing a colleague's wife.

Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone, who oversees the Archdiocese of San Francisco, announced on Friday he is barring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from taking Communion in churches he oversees, citing her support for abortion rights.

Former Vice President Al Gore urged Black interfaith leaders and environmental activists to increase joint efforts to seek solutions to the “twin crises of climate and racial justice.” 

In this issue of A Public Witness, we hop down into this lion’s den to further consider Doug Mastriano, his attacks on the media, and the Christian Nationalism animating his campaign. 

In this issue of A Public Witness, we reconsider Harry Emerson Fosdick’s famous sermon and ask some of American Christianity’s leading voices and experts, “Did the fundamentalists win?”

A gunman motivated by political hatred against Taiwan chained shut the doors of a California church and hid firebombs inside before shooting at a gathering of mostly elderly Taiwanese parishioners, killing a man who tackled him and possibly saved dozens of lives, authorities said Monday.

Robert D. Cornwall reviews The New Adam: What the Early Church Can Teach Evangelicals (and Liberals) about the Atonement by Ron Highfield. The book explores how we should understand the death and resurrection of Jesus and what this means for the Christian message.

A Montana Baptist pastor who has spent years warning that liberals were taking over the Southern Baptist Convention and evangelical churches, was arrested on DUI and weapons charges. 

Republican Senate hopeful Mehmet Oz is stepping up his criticism of far-right candidates in Pennsylvania who are gaining traction ahead of Tuesday’s primary election.

Reconfirming the status quo in Jerusalem will require some hard diplomacy and a lot of goodwill. King Abdullah II of Jordan is the custodian of Muslim holy places in Jerusalem, via a religious trust known as the Waqf Council.