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William Jewell College, a historic Baptist school in Liberty, Missouri, announced the creation of a “Racial Reconciliation Commission” Monday to document the school’s ties to slavery and explore future steps in response.

Twenty-seven faith groups released a joint letter Monday urging state legislatures not to pass laws to “exempt houses of worship and religious gatherings” from “emergency orders related to public health issues and emergencies such as COVID-19.”

A banner proclaiming Black Lives Matter has been stolen from a southwest Alabama church. Again. Rev. Jim Flowers, pastor of All Saints Episcopal Church in Mobile, says they will hang up another one.

Amid widespread disgust with traditional politicians and an extremely fragmented electorate, Frepap, the political arm of a messianic religious group called the Israelites of the New Universal Pact, has emerged as a potential favorite in legislative elections Sunday.

Across the country and the globe, World Vision is continuing a multi-pronged effort to meet the needs of people facing the health crisis and the secondary effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, the crisis that began more than a year ago has claimed 2.89 million lives.

In an unsigned order from the Supreme Court’s “shadow docket” late Friday (April 9), five justices on the high court ordered California to lift restrictions on religious gatherings in homes — even as the same restrictions remain on any other gatherings in homes.

Sarah Bessey and other contributors to A Rhythm of Prayer responded to the backlash with a statement Thursday evening, saying critics are missing the point of a controversial prayer by Chanequa Walker-Barnes.

On Saturday, Baptist immigrants from Myanmar plan to meet in Washington, D.C., for a mass protest against the coup in Myanmar. Organizers expect about 800 to 1,000 participants, including groups from churches in New York, Minnesota, and about nine churches in the Washington, D.C., area.

Faith leaders in Texas condemned a pair of controversial election bills Wednesday working their way through the state Legislature, accusing lawmakers of trying to “dress up Jim and Jane Crow in a tuxedo.”

Still in the middle of one investigation from its accrediting body, Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri, now faces a separate inquiry that emerged after trustees denied tenure to the director of the school’s social work program.