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Two commissions overseeing research into the denomination's part in the assimilationist schools are asking Episcopal bishops to grant access to archives in their regions and to recruit research assistants of their own.

This issue of A Public Witness addresses the ways in which American Christians are part of the problem as explored in “The Religion of Whiteness: How Racism Distorts Christian Faith.”

In “Christmaker: A Life of John the Baptist,” esteemed New Testament scholar James F. McGrath turns his critical eye to overlooked details in Scripture and long-neglected sources to discover who this influential figure really was.

The announcement comes less than two weeks before the election of the denomination’s next leader.

Despite their cultural and religious differences, a rowdy pack of more than 100 comedians from around the world embraced the ‘warmth and openness’ they experienced.

In their initial complaint, plaintiffs noted that in addition to the text of the law itself, lawmakers made religious arguments while debating the bill ahead of its passage.

Debuting on June 20, it’s the first film entirely in American Sign Language to debut in theaters, according to the filmmakers.

Pressler was one of the architects of the ‘Conservative Resurgence’ that took over the Southern Baptist Convention in the 1980s and 1990s. He was later accused of sexual abuse.

He offered an ethical take on an issue that is increasingly on the agenda of international summits, government policy, and corporate boards alike.

After losing nearly half its membership in just five years, the RCA’s General Synod will consider 10 proposals aimed at charting a path forward.