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(RNS) — Decades after former Lutheran pastor Art Simon founded the Christian advocacy group Bread for the World, he refuses to give up on the goal of ending hunger in the U.S. and across the globe.

BUENA VISTA, Colo. (BP) -- The area outside Buena Vista, Colo., is one of the world's best whitewater destinations. Darting along the rushing water is "life" for Tommy and other self-proclaimed "river rats." Mountain Heights Baptist Church has been reaching out to river guides like Tommy for 25 years.

FORT WORTH, Texas (RNS) — Taste Community Restaurant, located in Fort Worth’s trendy Near Southside, hit Yelp’s “Top 100 Places to Eat for 2019” list earlier this year. It's also a nonprofit, pay-what-you-can, faith-based endeavor.

Progress is insufficient to reach many food-related sustainable development goals (SDGs) by 2030, according to a report published July 18 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

NASHVILLE (BP) -- Bibles and religious literature currently are no longer subject to the upcoming 10 percent tariff hike set to be imposed on goods imported from China beginning Sept. 1.

(RNS) — In the early 2000s, Jeff Sharlet responded to an invitation he thought would fit in a book he was writing about religion in America. Instead, he stumbled into the story of a lifetime, about a secretive Christian group whose membership has helped shaped our politics for more than 50 years.

HONG KONG (BP) -- A proposed extradition law sparking violent protests at Hong Kong's airport would make it easier for China to persecute Hong Kong Christians, who comprise about 10 percent of the residents.

(RNS) — A new PRRI survey shows in no state in the U.S. does even one-quarter of the population say abortion should be illegal in all cases. These state-by-state findings come at a time when national views on abortion have remained stable.

Why do people cheat? An experiment in Guatemala sought to discover whether cheating is driven by economic necessity or personality, yet discovered unexpected generosity as well.

EL CAJON, Calif. (BP) -- On a vacant lot at Slade's senior pastorate Meridian Baptist Church in El Cajon, Calif., a tiny cabin is being built as an emergency, secure shelter for homeless women and children.