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Inspired by Palestinian Christians canceling Christmas lights and festivities in Bethlehem, British Christians urge Christians elsewhere to show solidarity by not lighting the “peace candle” that is traditionally lit on the second Sunday in Advent.

Despite past controversy, Barton’s influence has found an eager audience with the rise of Christian Nationalism in the age of Trump.

As the denomination evaluates its Title IV clergy misconduct policy, abuse survivors say the process needs to be trauma-informed.

The Rev. Lydia Chituku Neshangwe, a Presbyterian minister, became the first woman to lead the ecumenical All Africa Conference of Churches.

This issue of A Public Witness looks back at the attacks on Syrian refugees in 2015 and the abysmal U.S. record on assisting refugees since then to help us consider what to make of efforts to ban refugees from Gaza today.

In "Speak with the Earth and It Will Teach You: A Field Guide to the Bible," Daniel Cooperrider analyzes the Bible's treatment of the environment and intersperses his own reflections on experiences in nature.

A diverse group of pastors and religious leaders participated in a forum at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church to discuss Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s campaign to convince the 2024 Legislature to end its embargo on Medicaid reform.

'All we want for Christmas is a constant and comprehensive cease-fire and an end to this war,' said the Rev. Munther Isaac, pastor of Bethlehem’s Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church.

This issue of A Public Witness delves into Kathryn Cramer Brownell’s new book “24/7 Politics: Cable Television & the Fragmenting of America from Watergate to Fox News” exploring why our current media landscape looks the way it does.

St. Isidore of Seville Catholic Virtual School could become the country’s first publicly funded religious charter school.