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Ryan Burge wrote a computer script to collect and organize the text of all the resolutions passed at the annual meeting dating back to 1845 to see if there were any patterns.

As bishops in the United States prepare to discuss the drafting of a document that could ban pro-choice Catholic politicians like President Joe Biden from receiving Communion, experts say while this is not a new debate, the stakes are higher than ever.

Newly released audio clips from a Southern Baptist whistleblower appear to corroborate accusations Southern Baptist Convention leaders were reluctant to take action against churches accused of mishandling abuse.

Missouri Baptist Convention Executive Director John Yeats has served as an officer for the Southern Baptist Convention for 24 years. A pastor in Virginia thinks that’s too long. So, Adam Blosser announced his candidacy Wednesday, less than a week before the SBC’s annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.

Perhaps the looming transition in Israeli politics from the charismatic leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu to an unprecedented coalition government featuring right, center, left, and even Islamist parties is the chance to interrogate what the attitude of U.S. Christians towards Israel should be.

Anne Graham Lotz, 73 and a breast cancer survivor, talked in a recent interview about her belief that ordination is not for her but that she is nonetheless called to speak in a variety of settings.

Two Southern Baptist pastors will seek an investigation into allegations that the highest echelons of the Southern Baptist Convention mishandled several sex abuse claims and bullied sex abuse victims. Southern Baptists will meet June 15-16 in Nashville for their annual convention.

Seven states have an unconstitutional ban on atheists holding public office. Although superseded by Supreme Court rulings, the bans reflect the normalization of anti-atheism that has yet to be truly dealt with, or rarely acknowledged, in the United States.

In a recently-published leaked letter, Russell Moore cited an unnamed SBC leader who was critical of his decision to hire a Black woman. Two Southern Baptist sources have confirmed with RNS the SBC leader who made the comment: Paige Patterson

We may not have subpoena power or ornate hearing rooms in Washington, D.C., but in this edition of A Public Witness we explore the evil spirit animating Jan. 6 that abides in too many churches and revealed itself at the U.S. Capitol. This is a demon that needs to be exorcised.