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Sabrina E. Dent and Obery Hendricks, two of the foremost experts on race, religion, and American politics, gathered on Tuesday for a virtual “kitchen table-style conversation” about the state of White Christian Nationalism.

This issue of A Public Witness looks back into history to consider a balloon disaster in 1945 and how survivors reacted to bring healing to the world — a far cry from what many public figures offered when a balloon floated over the U.S. last week.

Robert D. Cornwall reviews "The Scandal of the Gospel: Preaching and the Grotesque" by Charles L. Campbell. This book challenges us to look beyond the safe path and embrace the less orderly and more chaotic realities of the grotesque, which Jesus took on in the incarnation.

Pope Francis was backed by the ceremonial head of the Anglican Communion and top Presbyterian minister in calling for gays to be welcomed by their churches as he again decried laws that criminalize homosexuality as unjust.

In a letter sent Friday to the churches of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware, president Glenn Swanson announced that state executive director Michael Crawford had resigned from the position effective immediately.

For decades, Missouri executions played out in similar fashion. But that is changing now as spiritual advisors are present in the room, like Rev. Darryl Gray in November and Rev. Lauren Bennett in January.

Biden’s remarks occurred on the day when there were two prayer breakfast events for the first time since Dwight Eisenhower became the first president to make an appearance. Besides the gathering at the Capitol, one hosted by “The Family” met where the breakfast has been held since the 1980s.

As Missouri plans another execution on Feb. 7 in a case with a strong innocence claim, Rev. Lauren Bennett’s story offers a look inside the execution chamber. Last month as she ministered deep in the valley of prison until the shadow of death passed over, she found herself wrestling with the nature of God and humanity.

Jewish and Christian clergy have taken an active role in protesting what one advocacy group has called the “most dangerous” session of the Missouri Legislature for the LGBTQ community it has seen in years. All told, Missouri lawmakers have introduced 27 anti-LGBTQ bills — more than any other state.

A new exhibition at a London library explores the Anglican Church’s role in the 18th-cenury slave trade. It coincides with a new report setting out that role in hard facts and figures.