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Advent 2005 devotional: In the beginning, God created

December 1, Psalm 24

By Bob Woolley, Retired MBC Music Director

"In the beginning God…." Although many have tried and soBob Woolleyme are still trying, no one has ever been able to go back beyond the beginning. There was nothing and no one before God. God took nothing and made something beautiful. I have been privileged to travel in many states and several foreign countries.

I have seen tall mountains, deep canyons, mighty oceans and great lakes. I have seen mighty waterfalls and miles of barren and desert lands. There were lush green valleys and fields of great harvest sharing space with giant and small trees and flowers of every color and hue. I stood in awe and amazement as I shared in God's garden of beauty.

But, God did not stop his creative work in things. He created man and woman in His own image. And He created them to have fellowship with Him.

"I walked today in God's garden. I saw His handiwork there. Majestic mountains were silent, As though they were praying a prayer. The sun broke through early dawning To set the heavens ablaze. The little river moved slowly To catch hold of morning's first rays. I felt the breeze gently blowing; My spirit quickened within. I bowed my heart low in reverence For time of beginning again. I thanked the Lord for His presence, For joy that He gave to me. And vowed in my heart to serve Him, Both now and for all time to be (from "Rejoicing in His Presence").

Thank you God for every good and perfect gift you have poured out on me, though I am unworthy of your lavish love. It is humbling to be able to converse with You and to try to express my gratitude for life and love. But through the birth and grace of your Son, Jesus, I will have a pure heart and clean hands and will share in the great celebration when the gates of the Temple will be opened unto us.