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Advent 2005 devotional: Your witness influences others

December 5, John 1:6-9


By Frank Shock, Windermere Baptist Conference Center CEO

God sent John to be a witness for him on earth. John was notFrank Shock the "light," but one who represented the "light: to the people of the world. When I reflect on the words "witness" and "represented" in these verses, I think of some of the many qualities John exhibited, such as humility, gratitude and a deep appreciation for others.

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and this special time presents an opportunity for us to reflect on the past year. In doing so, one may ask, "What quality of witness have I represented these past days, weeks and months to those I have encountered?"

This is the perfect time of the year, not only for assessment and reflection, but as a time to be a humble servant spreading the Good News to those we encounter. If we truly listen to those we encounter, we will quickly see that we should be grateful for the blessings God has bestowed upon our families and us.

The holidays are a time of sharing. What a perfect time to let those you encounter know how much you appreciate them. A smile or kind word spoken to a friend or acquaintance is a good place to start.

Remember your witness because someone you will encounter wants to grow up to be like you!