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Advent 2005 devotional: Be God’s trailblazer to bring others

December 11, Luke 1:67-80

By Doyle Sager, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jefferson City

When you're a child, it's fun to get snowed in. Of course,Doyle Sager once we become adults, with lots of grown-up responsibilities, those storms aren't quite as entertaining!

When I was a boy, we lived on a country road with little traffic other than our own. So Dad would drive the pick-up truck up the road, through that pristine sea of white. He would say, "I'll make some tracks, to make it easier for your mom to get out later for some groceries." What an adventure for a 10-year-old boy! We were trailblazers! We were making it easier for the ones who came after us.

"And you, child, will…go before the Lord to prepare his ways…." (Luke 1:76). This was the prophecy of John the Baptist's life calling – to prepare the way, to "run some ruts" for the Messiah. How thankful we are that after 400 years of prophetic silence, baby John grew up and was faithful to his calling. He prepared the world for Jesus.

One definition of "Christian" is someone who makes it easier to believe there is a God. I wonder if my attitudes and actions are making it easier or more difficult for people to see Jesus. I wonder what my family and neighbors see when I don't know they are watching. I wonder if people could follow me and end up closer to God or farther away. In all the Christmas preparations, let's don't forget to "run some ruts." Let's be way-showers.

Thank you, God, that You always show us the way. Thank you that You used others to bring me to You. Make me that kind of blessing today. Amen.