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Advent 2005 devotional: Be sensitive to God’s Word

December 23, Matthew 2:19-23

Be sensitive to God's Word

By Bill Miller, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Farmington

Bill MillerMy late Dad and Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, were carpenters. I have two sons. One is also in the construction industry. The other is a nurse. These four men exemplify characteristics I admire.

Like Dad, my sons believe in quality work. All three gave or give in labor more than the value people expect. They are highly skilled in their fields. Even more, in them I have seen honesty and integrity in life and in the workplace.

I admire Joseph's sensitivity to God. He obeyed the angel and took Mary as his wife. At the angel's direction, Joseph took his family to Egypt, away from Herod's murderous scheming.

Herod's death ended that threat, so another messenger from the Lord told Joseph to take his wife and child back to Israel. Still, danger remained, and following a warning from God, Joseph changed his plans and took his family to Nazareth. God's sovereign purpose, expressed in His faithful servant, resulted in the fulfillment of prophecy.

Sometimes one must stand up to the threat. Sometimes it is best to flee. Always, one must seek the Lord, listen to Him and obey His Word. This is true in the difficult times — it is true in all of life.

Like Joseph, I want to be sensitive to God's Word. I cannot know the direction He would lead me without knowing his Word. I do not have the strength to obey Him without the authority and the power of His Word in my life. This advent season, may we reaffirm our commitment to hear and to do His Word.