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Lifeguard rescues 12-year-old swimmer at Windermere

At Windermere Baptist Conference Center many people have discovered the life-saving love of Jesus. Last month, a Windermere lifeguard physically saved the life of a 12-year-old girl who lost consciousness while swimming.

While on duty, lifeguard Kasey Laguna, a college student from Columbia, spotted a swimmer floating face down in the water. A friend of the swimmer also started yelling for help. Laguna jumped into the water and pulled the girl, who was wearing a lifejacket, to the beach. Another lifeguard called for emergency assistance from Windermere’s on-campus First Responder and EMT while Laguna began lifesaving measures. The First Responder immediately dialed 911 which prompted response from Mid-County Fire Department, St. John’s Ambulance District, Camden County Sheriff’s Department & the Missouri State Water Patrol. The girl regained consciousness and was taken to St. John's Hospital in Springfield as a precaution. She was released the next day, expected to make a full recovery.

Laguna was recognized with a certificate from the Missouri Water Patrol and the Mid-County Fire Protection District. Laguna and others at Windermere were credited with saving the girl’s life. Windermere was also commended for the use of lifejackets.

“We are pleased and proud Kasey responded so effectively to the emergency,” stated Windermere CEO/President Dan Bench. “She is a fully certified lifeguard and represents well a staff that is trained to do what is needed. What could have been a terrible tragedy turned out to be an unwanted opportunity to illustrate how we work hard at serving and protecting our guests.”