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Dolls help Baptists share God’s love

Dolls are sharing the gospel in Nicaragua, thanks to Stras­burg Baptist Church, Stras­burg.

Dolls help Jo Anne Ruble share God’s love in Nicaragua.

When Jo Anne Ruble felt God calling her to travel to Nicaragua with International Commission, she enlisted the women of her church to make dolls. Each of the 200 dolls had a plan of salvation necklace.

The doll project started as a way for the women to gather together during the week, but quickly escalated into a church-wide project, Ruble said.

The Girls in Action group assisted the women, and the youth group was able to stuff and complete the sewn dolls.

“It’s interesting that when people get concerned about others coming to Christ, they meet the need through many different ways, and this was the way the Baptist church of Strasburg chose to be a part of this crusade,” said Scott Mayse, coordinator of the Nicaragua trip.

Trip participants worked with 54 churches across Nicaragua to share the gospel. The dolls were used to share God’s love with children.

“We shared with the children the meaning of the colored beads, about the love of Jesus and that of salvation, Mayse said. “Then the dolls were given to those children, and we asked that they share the same meaning of the beads with other children.”

A Scripture reference card was also attached to the dolls, so that the children could remember and share the message.

“I carried them in my backpack as we went out and gave them to children who I’d meet on the street or whose homes I would go into,” Ruble said. “What was really neat was throughout the week when the kids would see me out they’d come to me and give me big hugs and most would have their dolls with them.”

She said many of the children had taken the necklace off the doll and were wearing it as a bracelet.

“Since I had the privilege of delivering the dolls personally, the congregation had the opportunity to see pictures of the children receiving them,” she said.

According to Mayse, more than 5,500 people became Christians as a result of the trip.

Mayse said the International Commission is thankful for the work of Strasburg Baptist Church.

“Please pray that those dolls will help lead many to the Lord,” he said.

Jennifer Harris is the news writer for Word&Way.