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Webster association outdoor event sees kingdom returns

Arrows flew and spirits soared as more than 1,000 people enjoyed Webster Baptist Association’s 2009 Outdoor Sportsman event at Camp Arrowhead.

The event drew families from all over southeast and south central parts of the state, according to director of missions John Shuler.

This man was among 1,000 participants at Webster Baptist Association's 2009 Outdoor Sportsman event at Camp Arrowhead. Twenty-five salvation and 70 rededications to Christ were recorded.

The event aimed at bow-hunting enthusiasts by providing a 3-D target shoot. More than 500 shooters t shot at 30 targets strategically positioned along the trails. Association churches set up comfort stations along the trails to distribute water, cookies and other goodies to guests. It offered something for everyone — tomahawk making, live music, food and a children’s play area. Participants heard a variety of music, including bluegrass, country, gospel and blues.

They also enjoyed making tomahawks or knifes on a forge. With supervision, they were allowed to practice throwing their tomahawks at a target.

More than 600 Sportsman’s Bibles were distributed at no cost to registered attendees. Free t-shirts were given to an estimated 300 children. Alex Rutledge of Hunter’s Specialties ended the day with a message to hundreds of listeners.

Many association churches assisted in the coordinated effort. Volunteers did everything from assisting bow shooters to cooking to shuttling visitors to the camp.

Shuler said the most stressful thing about organizing the event is “volunteers and money.” He emphasized both are important and estimated 200-plus volunteers took part this year. One first-time volunteer said it inspired him to take a bigger part next year.

The event’s most rewarding aspect for Shuler is “seeing people saved.” It is very rewarding to “see the people in the churches come together and work together with no thought about what they get out of it,” he added.

All the hard work produced kingdom results, including 25 salvations, 70 rededications and more than 350 personal prayer requests.

The annual event began in 2007 at the Webster County Fairgrounds, with more than 200 attendees. The association moved the event to Camp Arrowhead, three miles east of Marshfield in 2008, hoping to double attendance. Organizers were overwhelmed when over 800 people showed up.