You should have seen this guy.... - Word&Way

You should have seen this guy….

I bumped into a fellow the other day. Should have been watching where I was going, I guess. He probably could have done the same; he appeared to be looking in a different direction, too.

This fellow looked a little dazed, and he gave me a disapproving look. Seems to me he was just as much at fault as I. He had this tired look in his eyes like he needed to be more diligent about getting in his required seven or eight hours of sleep. Frankly, he struck me as being a little grumpy, even though he didn't say anything.

He also looked like he could benefit from dropping a few pounds. He had that droopy look characteristic of a lot of middle-aged men, and he appeared a bit winded. It was obvious that he was carrying enough extra cargo to keep him out of a serious foot race.

What I'm trying to say is, his appearance wasn't very flattering.

I guess turnabout is fair play. He seemed to be eyeballing me, too. I couldn't help but wonder if this fellow might be less likely to run into people if he did a better job of taking care of himself and was just a little more alert.

"The body is a temple, for heaven's sake," I wanted to say. "Treat it like one!"

Within a few moments, we both hurried off on our separate ways. As he left he cracked a smile, stood a little straighter and, frankly, looked a little better. Good for him. Our little collision apparently resulted in no real harm to either of us.

Fortunately, the mirror didn't break either.