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Soccer league opens church door for family

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. (ABP) — When the soccer season sponsored and funded by First Baptist Church in Kannapolis, N.C., wound down, Chris and Jennifer Roman realized they were going to miss the new friends they found while mingling with church families at the soccer field.

So they agreed to start visiting the church. They’d talked often about their desire to find a church home during their five years of marriage. Both were what they call “God-conscious” but had not professed Christ.

Within a month they joined the church through profession of faith and baptism and from the first, “it felt right,” said Jennifer. “We’re supposed to be here. If not for the soccer ministry I don’t think we’d be born again Christians.”

“I have a new attitude toward life,” said Chris. “You look at things different. You appreciate the little things. It’s the whole package. I have a new appreciation for things I didn’t see before.”

“God has opened our eyes,” Jennifer said.

All because an old church tried a new game — and scored.