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A Time to Wait: Allow your souls to catch up

Today's Scripture: Acts 1:1-8 (read scripture )

Kirtes CalveryIn our hurry-up society in which we fidget while waiting on an elevator, conduct site surveillance like a military forward observer while looking for the shortest grocery story check-out line, dodge in and out of traffic lanes rather than wait in a long line of cars, and would pay for a way to get to the head of an amusement park ride line, God says "wait." The Advent season actually is scheduled "waiting." In this waiting period, we can, if we choose to, have time to reflect, think, evaluate and do some holy "wondering."

Carla Gorrell told a story about some African workers who were hired to carry heavy equipment on their backs to a remote outpost. It was a place that couldn't be reached any other way but on foot.

After several days of difficult travel, the workers refused to pick up their packs and go any further. They sat by the side of the trail, ignoring the shouts of the expedition leader. Finally, the leader asked why they wouldn't go on. One of the workers replied, "Sir, we are waiting for our souls to catch up with our bodies."

Though this season of Advent is a human-made creation, we will be wise to use it as a God-given time of waiting. Like the African porters, it can be a time for our souls to catch up to bodies.

Lord God, forgive us for being so impatient. Like impetuous children, we, too, often run ahead of your Holy Spirit, making plans, running operations, and only later do we come and ask for your help. Free us from our incessant impulse to act. Free us to look with anticipation for the Holy Spirit to empower and guide us. And help us not give up while waiting. Amen.

Kirtes Calvery is senior pastor of Grace Point Baptist Church in Kansas City.

This 2011 Advent devotion originally appeared in the November 17 issue of Word&Way.

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