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Journey to Bethlehem: December 2

We'll All Be Called to Bethlehem

Today's Scripture: Luke 2:1-7

Luke reminds us in his gospel that the call of Christianity mandates action on our part. The opening verses of chapter 2 detail Joseph and Mary’s journey to Bethlehem. I am certain that riding to Bethlehem on a donkey is the last thing Mary wanted to do in the final days of her pregnancy.

Terry Dale Cruse

Terry Dale Cruse is Missouri Baptist University vice president for enrollment services.

Furthermore, the call to be counted for tax purposes was likely a painful reflection on Israel’s standing before Rome. Additionally, Joseph and Mary were engaged, despite criticism that she was unwed and pregnant. Certainly, it would have been easier for Joseph to abandon the journey altogether — both the physical journey and the journey through life with Mary.

In one way or another, we’ll all be called to Bethlehem. Our faith mandates action, which sometimes includes leaving the comfort and familiarity of our daily lives.

I am reminded of when God opened doors for me to move my pregnant wife and oldest daughter to St. Louis. We were the first in our families to leave Mississippi, and St. Louis seemed like such a foreign place. The call from Missouri Baptist University was unexpected and unsolicited. My wife and I prayed, God opened doors, and we knew this was his plan for our lives. What we did not know was that we would have two more daughters here, serve together in a great church, develop lasting friendships, and see two of our three daughters come to a saving knowledge of Christ.

The journey to Bethlehem was a significant part of our salvation. Micah 5:2 gave us the location long before Joseph and Mary were called to the journey. Their obedience was part of God’s plan to bring salvation to you and me.

What is your Bethlehem? Are you ready for the journey?