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Journey to Bethlehem: December 11

When God Welcomes Us Home

Today's Scripture: Luke 15:11-32 

Our life is a journey full of both good and bad choices. Josh Hamilton, a young professional baseball player for the Texas Rangers who lost both parents in a traffic accident, began a cycle of bad choices and turned away from God to drugs and alcohol. His journey led to more self-destructive choices, and he was dismissed from playing baseball. Finally, he turned to God for help. Our Heavenly Father welcomed Josh. You can hear his story at

Thomas Jeffries is a senior at Hazelwood High School and member at Fee Fee Baptist Church in St. Louis.

The parable of the Lost Son recounts a young man who collected his inheritance and ran away from his dad. He squandered all his money, and only after reaching an all-time low, realized that he would live better as his dad’s servant. His dad saw him returning from a long way off and ran to embrace him, which was undignified for older Jewish men in that day.

The dad in this parable represents God who welcomes us back with open arms and gladly shows us his merciful love. God loves us despite the mistakes and bad choices we make on our journey.

If you are at a point in your life where you’ve been running away from God, or maybe there is some burden you need to get off your heart, reread this parable, and then pray and let God wash you in his all-loving care.

Let there be a celebration in heaven with a fatted calf (or a Big Mac®) because, like Josh Hamilton, you have decided to honor God on your life’s journey. For those of you already on this journey, let this parable remind you daily of God’s love and let that be your strength to persevere.