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Journey to Bethlehem: December 15

Journey Through the Shadow of Death

Today's Scripture: John 4:4-14

The Scripture says Jesus HAD to go through Samaria — he had a divine appointment there. The trip resulted in blessings for the people of Sychar.

Zeldean Munton is an Independent Living resident at The Baptist Home-Ozark.

A recent journey my husband, Eldon, and I HAD to make was through the shadow of death. His eight-week hospital stay, though difficult, was filled with blessings along the way. He encountered 13 life-threatening difficulties; however, he could communicate during the whole ordeal, which allowed him to bless so many people. During a private conversation, we were assured of a grandson’s salvation.

Three days before his homecoming, Eldon told me, “This has been the best day of my life.” That day had begun with my reading from the Psalms followed by his praying the most beautiful prayer I had ever heard my husband pray. He told the Lord how much he hated “to leave Zeldean” but how much he was looking forward to seeing Jesus to thank him for all he had done for him. The day was filled with personal and telephone visits with friends and family members. Many times I heard him tell someone how much he was looking forward to seeing Jesus. He thanked our daughter-in-laws for being “just what our sons needed.” He reminded grandchildren to always follow God’s plan for their lives. He told friends what a privilege it was to have known them. The day was filled with special memories.

This journey ended with a celebration of Eldon’s life. Each of our four sons spoke and/or sang at their dad’s funeral and our pastor, Ryan Palmer, blessed our family with words of comfort. Now the journey is mine alone, and as I told Eldon shortly before his death, “The Lord will be with me just as he has been with us these 55 years.” Even though this journey I must make is difficult, I’m finding those words to be true.