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Journey to Bethlehem: December 17

Does Your Journey Inspire Others?

Today's Scripture:  Ruth 1:6-8, 14-17

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As we took time to consider this passage and the rest of the Ruth's story, we were amazed at all she had sacrificed. Both Ruth and Naomi had already suffered great loss, but Ruth risked so much more by following her mother-in-law. She left everything she knew — her family, her culture and her gods. Any plan for rebuilding her life surely centered on these things. However, instead of leaning on what she knew, Ruth followed Naomi into the unknown with nothing to expect but shame and suffering.

Her disregard for her own agenda, and even her own life, is inspiring. Which led us to wonder, what inspired Ruth?

Her love for Naomi.

How amazing must Naomi have been for Ruth to have sacrificed everything to stay with her? What love must they have shared? Throughout the Old Testament, we hear God referred to as the God of Abraham, or the God of Isaac or the God of Jacob. He was so known because his glory was powerfully evident in the lives of those three men. Beyond the usual mother-daughter love, we believe it was the God of Naomi that truly inspired Ruth's devotion. Is the God of you inspiring?

As you read through this passage, consider taking a few more minutes to read through the entire book of Ruth. (It's very short.) Ask God to help you identify with this story, to feel the desperation and dangers these two women faced.

May the God of you inspire others to righteous action!