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Journey to Bethlehem: December 23

Journeys Can Be Spiritual Opportunities

Today's Scripture: Luke 2:8-18

Many of my journeys have been connected to mission projects. One such project that actually never came to fruition comes to my mind. It was a project in Chevrolet, Ky., to assist a church in relocating for a new highway project.

Terry Dale Cruse

John W. Shuler serves as director of missions for Webster County Baptist Association in Marshfield, Mo.

Years later, while traveling to vacation at the outer banks in North Carolina, we passed through a small town with a relatively new wide section of road. I remarked about a church that was sitting right beside the road. Then I realized we were in Chevrolet and this was the project we had considered some years back.

Thinking about this account of Jesus’ birth, I wondered what the shepherds must have thought about the message and the journey being laid out before them. Was this somewhere they had been before or a strange new town? What was the invitation all about? How long would it take and what kind of provisions would they need to taken?

But as the angels revealed all that had taken place, their fears were dispelled and they immediately responded, “Let’s go!!” They found Jesus just as they had been told and immediately began to go and tell others.

Many opportunities are given to us to make spiritual journeys, and we reject them over and over. There are usually all kinds of excuses put forth. God wants to take us on journeys to places we have never been to before and where he has a purpose.

While I have never had a reason revealed to me for going through Chevrolet, I believe God had something in mind. God took the shepherds on a journey that changed their lives forever. He will do the same for you if you just allow him to.