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Role Models

Now that we’re staring down the days until Christmas, we have more warmth and cheer to look forward to with family, church family and friends, as the holidays continue.

Christopher DixonChristopher DixonAnd, yet, in our household, there is a part of our hearts, as a family, that collectively breaks for our nation. The mass killings have not slowed. While we attempt to be judicious about what our eleven-year-old son sees, he’s to the age where he picks up on much of the news. And, of course, that news isn’t good.

So, while we encourage our son to be a leader, there are precious few models for him to see, be it in the political arena, secular entertainment or sports.

Young, coming-of-age boys/men and girls/women will look up to someone, even if that person is the wrong one. That serves as an excellent reminder this Christmas season: “we are the light of the world in a world of darkness” (Matt 5:14; Eph 5:8) and it’s our job to serve as that beacon of hope until Christ comes again.

At our home, that leads to two practical decisions: First, we must model what we expect leadership to look like. And I’m here to testify that is easier said than done. But we firmly believe that in this world where so many people are hurting, we are far better served by doing something rather than finger-pointing and playing the blame game.

The takeaway here? If you’re tired of the world in which we live “going down the tubes,” stand up and do something to make it better. Don’t wait for others. As Christ followers, the impetus falls directly on our shoulders to take positive action.

Secondly, there are still positive role models. We recently took our son to see Gawvi, Brit Nicole, Colton Dixon (no relation), Tauren Wells and Skillet in the Kansas City area. These are leaders in Christian entertainment who are cool and willing to stand up for Christ. Our son was in awe of these entertainers … for all of the right reasons.

The takeaway? There are still positive role models; we simply have to seek them out.

As those who believe, we have a serious responsibility in this world of darkness. Our charge is to shine the light of Christ until he comes. May we take that responsibility seriously this Christmas season.

Christopher Dixon is the Chief Operating Officer of eLectio Publishing ( and the pastor of West Finley Baptist Church near Fordland, Mo.