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Things Happen — But Don’t ‘Just’ Happen


It happened that Caesar Augustus ordered a census. Because of the census, it happened that Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem, which happened to be the village of their ancestry.

Wade Paris

Wade Paris

All this happened at a very inconvenient time for Joseph and Mary. You see, Mary happened to be in the final stages of her first pregnancy. Then, it happened that while they were in Bethlehem, the baby decided to arrive. Babies happen to be impatient and wait for no one. It happened there were no hospitals in Bethlehem; there was not even a hotel room.

So, it happened that Jesus was born in a barn and wrapped in swaddling clothes, which happened to be the baby clothes of the day. Then he was placed in a manger, which most barns happen to have, as his first crib.

One might easily conclude, “These things happen; stuff happens to everyone,” and dismiss it all. Except, looking back on the event two thousand years later, we realize they did not “just happen.” God was in these happenings from the beginning to the end.


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Have you ever thought about what just happens in your life? Could it be that God is in everything that happens to you and me? For example, while singing in the church choir, I happened to see a young, attractive girl in the congregation. I happened to tell a friend about her. My friend happened to tell me the girl’s father would not let her date. I just happened to doubt that and just happened to ask her out; and she just happened to accept (without consulting her father); and we just happen to have been married 63 years.

While working in his father’s idol shop, Abram happened to wonder, “How can these things I fashion be gods?” It was God’s call to him, and he went on to become the father of our faith. It happened that Joseph’s jealous brothers sold him into slavery. Because this happened, Joseph later became the savior of his people.

Between now and Christmas many things will happen in your life. Keep your eyes and mind open; it just could be what you think is just happening is not just happening; but God is directing you to a blessing. Perhaps he is about to insert some new, meaningful happening in your earthly journey. Perhaps it will be your journey to Bethlehem.

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