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An Unexpected Spiritual Balm

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(BP) — That is what God’s word is for me nowadays. I was meditating and journaling about Psalm 11 and, upon finishing, I felt as if the most soothing spiritual ointment had reached down to my itchy, achy soul to bring comfort and relief.

Yaditza Irizarry

Yaditza Irizarry

Interestingly, I didn’t even know I needed to be comforted in such a way, as everything in my life and family had been going great — meaning, dealing with the daily mundane. However, I also had become burdened and discouraged by the ramping wickedness in this world, especially recent deconversion stories of “former Christians” and the folly of quarrels in social media among “Christians.” In fact, I had recently taken a break from social media because I just couldn’t bear one more deconstruction story or another epic clash amongst “Christians.”

So, there I was the other day, sitting on my couch, doing my quiet time and meditating on Psalm 11, especially verses 3-11. That part stood out from the psalm, so I proceeded to inquire about the context and how it applied to me on that day.

person in forest

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The first part of the Psalm (vv. 1-2) conveys that when David encountered significant danger at one point, he was advised to escape from his enemies. Instead, he chose to trust the Lord and take refuge in him, for he was certain that even when the foundations of life are torn down, those who have a relationship with the Lord will find shelter in him.

This passage reminds us that even when it seems that the unrighteous are getting away with their wicked ways, we can rest knowing that God is in control, for he will bring order and justice when he best seems fitting. We are also reminded that God is already working “examining the righteous and the wicked” and that it is really not our role to worry and get caught up in the negativity and unrighteousness. Moreover, just because we think something is out of control, in God’s realm and time, it may not be. The devil is defeated, God is actively working, and his plans will be fulfilled.

So, what should we do when we are tempted to become overwhelmed upon hearing conflicting news? We could ponder in his word and meditate in his goodness, righteousness, and in his perfect will? We must choose to be overwhelmed by his love, mercy, and grace, so much so that we can be a blessing to others. As a result, we will show others God’s peace and hope that we are able to experience in him.

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Yaditza Irizarry is a writer and member of the Southern Baptist Hispanic Leadership Council.