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Letter to the Editor: MBC Meeting Apology

I appreciate the opportunity to provide a public letter of apology through the Word&Way.

At the recent annual meeting of the Missouri Baptist Convention in St. Charles, I circulated a paper which contained personal attacks on individua trustees of Southwest Baptist University and a generalized disparagement of small churches which I deeply regret.

In particular I am sorry I said that most new trustees at SBU are not spiritually qualified. I was wrong to suggest that all small churches and only small churches struggle at times with harmony and unity. As we are painfully aware, all churches regardless of size sometimes experience difficulty being the pure and peaceable bride of Christ he desires for his churches to be.

Concerning the remarks that a former employee of SBU was let go because of poor student reviews, I have since discovered that I was misinformed and I am sorry for writing this. I’m truly sorry that I expressed my opinions and some incorrect information at the MBC annual meeting.

I submitted this apology to the SBU Board of Trustees on Nov. 17 and I now humbly ask for your forgiveness.

The long history of the relationship between SBU and the Convention is one characterized by mutual appreciation, respect, and collaboration in advancing the Lord’s work in Missouri and throughout the world. It is my hope we can lay aside the dissension of the recent past and work together to build an even better and stronger relationship between SBU and the MBC.

— Robert Ingold