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Before Southern Baptists gather for their annual meeting next week, this issue of A Public Witness offers some helpful context to explain how we got to the point where Donald Trump and Mike Pence — both speaking during the event — represent different wings of the SBC.

The SBC’s annual meeting June 11-12 in Indianapolis will include a vote on whether to ban churches with any women pastors — and not just in the top job.

Their report marks the second time a proposed database for abusive pastors has been derailed.

Leveraging social media, these parents and professionals aim to show that this parenting approach can result in trauma, estrangement and views of God as abusive.

Part of the new monastic movement began three decades ago among lay Protestants, Spring Forest is a model for how Christians can work, eat and worship as a community.

The president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary says former chief of staff Heath Woolman told another staffer to make the report of a sexual assault ‘go away.’

To receive an A rating, pastors must demonstrate that they lead a ‘biblically sound, culturally aware, & non-socialistic legislatively active church.’ Failing to meet any of those earns a church a ‘Would Not Recommend.’

The indictment is the first public acknowledgment from the U.S. Department of Justice that it is investigating the Southern Baptist Convention and its entities.

Myrtle Baptist Church takes pride in its inclusive congregation, but many Black churches and denominations in the U.S. remain opposed to celebrating same-sex marriages or ordaining openly LGBTQ+ clergy.