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Over three 45-minute immersive sessions, “Space, Light and Sound,” part of the cathedral’s “Seeing Deeper Week" in February drew more than 2,000 people of several faiths, as well as the nonreligious and unaffiliated, including many grandchildren and grandparents of both groups.

Meditation and immersion in soothing sounds meet church liturgy at All Saints Episcopal Church in Brooklyn. The combination takes on stress – and self-examination. Welcome to sound bath Evensong.

Human composting is modeled after green burials, a practice that avoids using metal or concrete containers. In a green or natural burial, the body is not prepared with embalming fluids. "The goal is complete decomposition of the body and its natural return to the soil," according to the nonprofit Funeral Consumers Alliance. 

Sixty years have passed since Roslyn Pope came home from Europe to a segregated South and channeled her frustrations into writing “An Appeal for Human Rights.”

Gospel singer Kirk Franklin, in a discussion to be broadcast this week on Trinity Broadcasting Network, called on white Christian leaders to move beyond “kumbaya moments” and to speak from the pulpit when black people are the subjects of “social injustice happening in the streets.”

Two decades after the panic of Y2K, Jim, Rawles is helping people, mostly Christians, prepare for whatever could be the next disaster heading toward civilization. 

It has become standard practice for U.S. corporations to assure employees of support regardless of their race, gender or sexual orientation. There's now an intensifying push to ensure that companies are similarly supportive and inclusive when it comes to employees' religious beliefs.

This week more than 500 evangelical students will hear Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear and Yaqeen Institute founder Imam Omar Suleiman discuss how evangelicals and Muslims can find a way forward “in a time of unprecedented division and distrust.”

Despite being portrayed as hyper-religious and persistent proselytizers, a researcher sees that some evangelicals actually downplay religious expression when working with religiously diverse and secular groups.

“Recycle, reduce, reuse and close the loop, we can close the loop” is a ditty many children learn, but closing the loop is more complicated than taking everything with a recycling symbol to a recycling center.