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Given recent claims about how the Bible should guide U.S. policy decisions when it comes to Israel, this issue of A Public Witness reads through Scripture to determine how political leaders should treat various nations.

Leaders of the conservative denomination canceled the discussion of dealing with polarization after online backlash.

Earlier this month, delegates at a United Methodist Church conference struck down the UMC’s longstanding anti-LGBTQ policies and created a path for clergy ousted because of them to return.

Lawson’s longtime church, Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church in that Texas city, announced on its website that he had died on Tuesday.

Christian pastors and social media influencers have connected the concert's sexual content with unprecedented floods that have devastated cities in Rio Grande do Sul state and killed 116 people.

Three Christian boarding schools in southern Missouri have shut down since 2020 amid wide-ranging abuse allegations levied by current and former students.

In "Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump," John Fea argues that the evangelical approach to public life is defined by the politics of fear, the pursuit of worldly power, and a nostalgic longing for an American past.

House Speaker Mike Johnson and other congressional members are expected to attend the unveiling of the 7-foot tall bronze statue in the National Statuary Hall to represent North Carolina.

The chaplains at Ivy League and other top schools say the students have learned about the concerns of other faiths, while finding ways to express their own.

Union, a private, ecumenical school that serves as Columbia University’s faculty of theology but maintains a separate endowment, is the first U.S. institute of higher education known to divest from the war in Gaza.