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The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is one of several mainline denominations reckoning with the role they played in the federal boarding school system.

The conservative denomination has in recent years expelled churches for various reasons — most prominently Saddleback Church for having women pastors.

The U.S. continues to not only ignore the Convention on Cluster Munitions but also to ship the weapons to Ukraine. So this issue of A Public Witness uncovers the history of cluster bombs and the moral failure of nations that continue to utilize them.

In "After Botham: Healing From My Brother's Murder by a Police Officer," Allisa Charles-Findley challenges us to listen to the cries of those who have experienced grief and to puts forth a call to join the struggle for justice.

The former SBC president and longtime megachurch pastor covered up his sexual misconduct for a decade. Now he's suing SBC leaders for revealing his sins.

The leaders are writing in response to a letter sent to Congress in June by religious groups and legislators asserting that the funds for the program were financing family planning and reproductive health programs, including abortion.

'Instead of focusing on and addressing the real issues, you spend time promoting hate and division, contrary to our deepest religious values,' reads a letter from activists addressed to Florida lawmakers.

Mainline clergy are more supportive than their congregants of LGBTQ rights, more likely to have opposed the overturn of Roe v. Wade, and less likely to believe America is in danger of losing its culture and identity.

Sixty years ago Friday (Sept. 15), four Ku Klux Klan members planted 19 sticks of dynamite next to a Black church in Birmingham, Alabama. Inside 16th Street Baptist Church, people gathered for Sunday worship. Then an apocalypse came.