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In his book "The Sacred Meaning of Every Day Work," author Robert H. Tribken seeks to answer the question of how faith and work might relate to each other.

'Most of us are not wealthy,' said one local resident. 'It’s impossible for us to get a loan from the commercial banks. So the only opportunity is to go to the loan sharks,' where the interest charged is 'overwhelming,' she said.

While Rep. Emil Bergquist’s recent a cappella rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer” was new, the dedication to religion in the Statehouse was not.

States such as Minnesota and South Dakota are offering suicide prevention training to clergy – a crucial, trusted presence in rural America. In the farmland, churches remain essential social gathering points.

The reflex to support certain types of violence has led to the quick canonization of vigilantes as new American saints. So this issue of A Public Witness documents this trend in recent political discourse and considers the dangerous gospel it preaches.

The report, which assesses conditions in 199 countries, also looks at policies and laws, including those about blasphemy and apostasy, that ‘criminalize religious expression.’

It is one of three churches appealing decisions recently made by the denomination’s Executive Committee to remove eight congregations from official affiliation.

Christian nationalism has ‘infiltrated’ the Latino Christian community ‘in such a powerful way,’ said one clergyman, ‘that they are not even aware of the position they are supporting.’

The brewing civil war in the country has convinced Christians and their leaders to leave the capital en masse, with many fleeing across the border to South Sudan.