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Jennifer Garcia Bashaw, a professor of New Testament and Christian ministry at Campbell University, talks about her book Scapegoats: The Gospel through the Eyes of Victims. She also discusses theories of atonement and the mistreatment of women, poor and disabled people, Blacks, and immigrants.

In episode 90 of Dangerous Dogma, Jeff Hood, author of The Execution of God, talks about his advocacy against the death penalty. He also discusses his ministry to people on death row, including last month as he stood in a death chamber as Oklahoma executed Scott Eizember.

In episode 89 of Dangerous Dogma, Jason Porterfield talks about his new book Fight Like Jesus: How Jesus Waged Peace. He also discusses what peacemaking involves and how we sometimes misread stories about Jesus and violence.

Daniel Buttry, retired global consultant for peace and justice with International Ministries of the American Baptist Church, talks about his new book Healing the World: Gustavo Parajón, Public Health and Peacemaking Pioneer. He also discusses nationalism, truth-telling, and conflict transformation.

In episode 87 of Dangerous Dogma, Andrew Seidel, vice president of strategic communications for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, talks about his book American Crusade: How the Supreme Court Is Weaponizing Religious Freedom.

In episode 86 of Dangerous Dogma, Sara Billups talks about her new book Orphaned Believers: How a Generation of Christian Exiles Can Find the Way Home. She also discusses issues the impact of growing up with end-times theology, culture war politics, and commercialism.

Stephen Bullivant, a professor religion and sociology at St Mary's University in London and the University of Notre Dame in Sydney, talks about his new book Nonverts: The Making of Ex-Christian America.

On episode 84 of Dangerous Dogma, Terrell Carter, pastor of Webster Groves Baptist Church and executive director of Rise in St. Louis, talks about his new book Family Feuds: Forgotten Bible Rivalries and What the Church Can Relearn About Reconciliation.

On episode 83 of Dangerous Dogma, Lisa Weaver Swartz, a sociologist, talks about her new book Stained Glass Ceilings: How Evangelicals Do Gender and Practice Power.

We had a lot of great conversations this year. So, let’s count down the top 10 most-downloaded of episodes of Dangerous Dogma.