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In episode 3 of Dangerous Dogma, Kristin Kobes Du Mez talks about her book ‘Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation.’

In episode 2 of the new Word&Way podcast Dangerous Dogma, Lindsey Krinks talks about viewing communities from below, reading scriptures in public spaces, and what keeps her ministering despite disappointments with institutional Christianity.

Word&Way is launching a new podcast. Each episode features an interview with a leading Christian thinker or activist that focuses on the perils of certain doctrines. And the conversations look at alternative lessons from Jesus and scripture that challenge listeners to think and live more faithfully. 

In episode 1 of the new Word&Way podcast Dangerous Dogma, Allan Boesak, a theologian and anti-apartheid activist, talks with Word&Way President Brian Kaylor about the need to read and preach the Bible in anti-imperial ways.

As Dwight McKissic looks at the Southern Baptist Convention these days as a Black pastor in Texas, he sees a parallel with a scene in the new film One Night in Miami. He talked about issues of racism and the SBC in the latest episode of the Word&Way podcast “Baptist Without An Adjective.”

In 2018, Word&Way launched the award-winning podcast “Baptist Without An Adjective,” a weekly show that features interviews with Baptists across the denominational, ethnic, national, and ideological lines that too often divide us. Here are the 10 most-downloaded episodes in 2020.

The pastor of Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris’s Baptist church praises her as “human decency and dignity at its best.” Amos C. Brown, a longtime civil rights activist who has pastored Third Baptist Church of San Francisco since 1976, made the comments in a Word&Way interview.

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, a Baptist minister in North Carolina, sees the removal of Confederate monuments across the country as “very biblical.” The author and activist talked about faith, racism, and advocacy on the latest episode of the Word&Way podcast “Baptist Without An Adjective.”

Musician Ken Medema hopes that Christians will work to build peace and wholeness — or what in Hebrew is called shalom — in their communities and across the nation as coronavirus exposes injustices in our society. He talked about faith and music on the Word&Way podcast “Baptist Without An Adjective.”

Tony Campolo, a well-known Baptist author says that while the impact of coronavirus may feel like our country is falling apart, Christians have an opportunity to help rebuild a more just system. He talked about finding faith in a time like this on the Word&Way podcast “Baptist Without An Adjective.”