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Author Peters Enns says the Bible doesn't work well as an owner’s manual that lays out for us what to do or think at every turn. It is holding out to us the invitation to accept the sacred responsibility going forward and working things out.

OKLAHOMA CITY (The Christian Chronicle) — When Phil Brookman preaches, even Alexa listens — and dutifully obeys.

It was one of those traveling conversations on a flight for a couple of hours, seated by a stranger who asked, “So what do you do to make a living?”

My city, like more than 80 percent of the nation, has recycling bins for what is called single-stream recycling. But if you think that dumping your paper and plastic in a special container and waving bye-bye is all you need to do, you would be wrong.

WASHINGTON (BP) -- National Religious Broadcasters President Jerry Johnson has resigned, NRB announced Feb. 13.

MESA, Ariz. (BP) -- Everyone craves connections -- a truth that Living Stone Community Church has embraced by using Facebook to minister to their community.

Addressing the volume of electrical and electronic waste (“e-waste”) is essential to working toward a sustainable future as it has become “the fastest-growing waste stream in the world,” according to a report published by the World Economic Forum on Jan. 24.

LOS ANGELES (RNS) — Los Angeles resident April Clemmer was surprised to find after spending a decade researching Hollywood history that the place synonymous with the American movie industry — and now clogged with lingerie stores, tobacco shops and fast-food outlets — was founded as an alcohol-free Christian community. The Baptist came up with a Walk of Faith tour.

How often have you, when faced with sadness or challenges, turned to Leviticus for inspiration and encouragement? When reading the Bible through in a year, did you get more excited about Leviticus than any other book?

(RNS) — More than 200 seminary and Christian college students, faculty and others who view films through the eyes of faith were part of the Windrider Form during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, recently. Windrider hosted screenings for students from more than 20 Christian schools.