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(USA Today) — Truett Foster McKeehan, the oldest son of Christian rapper TobyMac, died Oct. 23 in Nashville, a representative confirmed to the USA TODAY Network - Tennessee. He was 21.

Job asks a lot of questions, endures the shallow judgments and worn platitudes of his contemporaries – and ends up discovering that God has more surprises and blessings than we can begin to understand!

HOUSTON (BP) -- Lance Barksdale was a 13-year-old pitcher in a baseball game in Jackson, Miss., and he wasn't happy with the home plate umpire. His moves attracted the attention - and wrath - of the man behind the plate, who - later - steered Barksdale towards umpiring.

How did Solomon's splendid temple and the key worship practices of Israel fade from their culture? Gradually – through indifference, preoccupation, or fading memories of the past – the people replaced faith in God with the common goals of the world.

NASHVILLE (BP) --Vice President for Communications for the SBC Executive Committee, Jonathan Howe, announced Wednesday (Oct. 16) the reorganization of the communications department into Convention news and Convention communications.

(WW) -- What is “old”? Let's distract ourselves from that answer with resources to celebrate life’s milestones. Here’s to celebrating the past or anticipating the future!

How will evangelist Billy Graham be remembered? And is his son Franklin damaging the religious leader's legacy with his excessive politicizing for the Republican Party and Donald Trump?

We look back at the days of Solomon and those who followed him as a time of selfish choices and spiritual ignorance among God's “chosen” people. But what about us? Are we really any different?

It is human nature to want God in a tangible form, to mark a place where we can sense God is present – something that connects us to God's promises.

October is Clergy Appreciation Month. Here are 10 ways to show your pastor and other ministers that you value them during this month (or anytime).