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Overland hosts ‘Trunk or Re-Treat’

Although rain interrupted the Trunk or Treat project on Halloween at Overland Baptist Church, St. Louis, it didn't stop the congregation's ministry. Instead, Overland members ministered through "Trunk or Re-Treat, the not-so-soggy sequel to Halloween" on Nov. 13.

Overland BaptistAbout 10 minutes after members opened their annual Trunk or Treat project on Halloween weekend, it began to sprinkle.

Gradually, the intensity picked up and the newly resurfaced church parking lot became as "slick as glass," pastor David Johnson said. "The church wasn't left any choice [but to cancel] because of safety," he said.

Johnson said he was concerned someone could fall and break a bone on the slippery pavement.

In addition, several parents parked along a road that borders the church's lot in an effort to avoid the rain. Johnson was afraid of the possibility of an auto-pedestrian accident.

Although the turnout for the Trunk or Re-Treat project wasn't as high as that for past Trunk or Treat events, Overland members were pleased with the outreach opportunity. About 80 people attended the delayed event.

"They tended to be families connected to the church — friends and relatives of members or families that live in close proximity," Johnson said.

"[The ministry] is always positive. Even though this one was not as large, we still had an opportunity to talk with people."

The pastor said information about the date change spread largely by word of mouth and by posting it on the church's marquee.

Overland Baptist members began the ministry after one of the children in the church was hit by a car while trick-or-treating in 1998. Seven children at the hospital to which the child was taken died that year.

"Trunk or Treat has turned out to be a wonderful opportunity," Johnson said. "We meet new families every year."