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Joslin publishes second novel

George Joslin, a member of First Baptist Church, Springfield, has published his second novel related to deafness and American Sign Language. The first novel, “A Life After Deafness,” was released in 2006 and has been received well by libraries in churches with a Deaf ministry and by colleges and universities that offer classes in American Sign Language.

JoslinThis second novel is titled, “A Terp on the Line.” A footnote on the cover of the book defines the word “terp” as a colloquialism for interpreter used frequently among those in that field.
Both novels are written as mysteries, but each one carries information for the reader. “A Life After Deafness” is filled with information about deafness and American Sign Language, including some basic information about what churches are doing to minister to people who are Deaf. 
In “A Terp on the Line,” Joslin focuses on issues facing interpreters. The book is not presented as “Christian Fiction,” but in one situation an interpreter who grew up in a more liturgical church is faced with interpreting in a Baptist church. 
A more experienced, Baptist interpreter explains to her the meaning of the words used in the sermon. Joslin uses this episode to present clearly to the reader what the Bible says about becoming a Christian.
Gwen Jeffries, librarian at First Baptist Church, Springfield, wrote, “Some authors just entertain with a good yarn. Joslin vividly portrays challenges faced by the Deaf as he takes young Anna through a myriad of common problems faced by the Deaf as well as the trauma of being accused of murder. As a result, the reader is entertained and informed at the same time. Our church library has two copies. At least one is checked out most of the time.”
Joslin has also written and published several non-fiction books related to American Sign Language and ministries with the Deaf. He has been involved in ministries and services for Deaf persons for fifty years, including 17 years as a missionary with the North American Mission Board, and, following his retirement,  18 month’s service with the International Mission Board in Ecuador, South America.
The books are available through the distributor, Let's Sign LLC, PO Box 4113, Brandon, MS 39047 or