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CBFMO will propose $225,000 budget

JEFFERSON CITY — The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Missouri Coordinating Council on March 13 approved a 2010-11 budget to recommend to its General Assembly in April.

The $225,000 proposal divides the budget into six ministry sections. If adopted, the budget would provide $40,439 for Christians in community, which includes partner projects, such as participation in the Missouri Christian Leadership Forum, and covers General Assembly costs.

About $24,603 is earmarked for leadership, with about $31,766 designated for glocal (global/local) missions. Communication and growth opportunities will receive about $57,725. The office personnel and volunteers category would see approximately $29,187, with $41,280 earmarked for administration. All categories, except administration, would include personnel costs.

In addition, the council affirmed a covenant between the state body and the national organization. The covenant calls for staff cooperation, for resource development and for accountability to cooperating congregations and individuals.

The General Assembly must approve it before it goes to the national body for approval.

The Coordinating Council also heard from national CBF moderator Hal Bass, who emphasized that Missouri “loomed large” in the organization’s growth over 20 years and that the national body is “on track to look to Missouri” for leaders in the future.

National CBF staffers are working on two initiatives, he said. They are doing “extraordinary” relief efforts in Haiti — “gearing up for long-term healing of the land and the people,” he said.

Bass said that before his term ends, he hopes to help develop ways to identify and train a new generation of lay leaders.

The moderator also shared organizational opportunities and concerns. Covenants with state and regional bodies would help develop a “seamless” continuity. CBF at all levels could “figure out aggregately” how to use “scarce” resources “efficiently and responsibly,” he said.

The national body also wants to work with its partners to realize three collaborative goals — engaging missionally, interacting with the world, and honoring race, gender and generations.