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Make a joyful noise, picture, movie…

While recently spending hours online trying to recall a song from the mid-90s, I was reminded how art plays a significant role in my faith.

While a fervent or well-written message can move me, songs, instrumentals, paintings, photographs and performances are the memories that anchor my faith. For instance, I can’t remember the sermon the night I accepted Christ, but I vividly remember the invitation hymn.

The Christian arts is a vast area to cover in one column. Yet, there are some sites that can help you experience many creative facets of our faith. The best list I have found for arts resources is the I Lift My Eyes Ministries link directory (

Art: Many art and photography sites are limited to one person’s work. Not so with classical visual art based on religious themes at, or at Biblical Art on the WWW ( to search by scripture passage or theme.

Start your search for stained glass art examples in the links section of the Artists in Stained Glass organization (

Music: Listen to artists you like at no cost on a streaming service such as or where you can find recommendations on artists and songs of several styles — from gospel to choral. searches for online radio stations, and uses mood to aid searches. To “take what you get,” visit AccuRadio’s Contemporary music channels (, or . More about music genres and lyrics can be found at

Worship ideas: Calvin College’s Institute of Christian Worship ( ) is designed to be used as a “catalyst for the study and practice of using visual arts in worship.” Encourage children with create-your-own art sites for music at The Music Lab ( ) or National Gallery of Art’s Art Zone ( ).

Festivals and workshops: Encouraging artists also can enrich our faith. promotes Christ through the film industry and lists festivals such as , where teams make a film in 168 hours (seven days). In Missouri, a fall Write About Jesus workshop for songwriters (write ) is offered annually. This year’s event will be held at First Baptist Church, Harvester, St. Charles. Or create your own music online at the free . Finally, is a tool that allows you to create fast-paced music videos from your photos and video clips.

Support: Believers can support and pray for artists and their craft. Artists can support one another through organizations such as the Christian Performing Arts Fellowship ( ) and Christians in the Visual Arts ( ). The evangelistic Artists in Christian Testimony ( ) sends out, equips and supports artistic ministers and missionaries. There are prayer organizations primarily for artists, such as Hollywood Prayer Network ( ) with chapters in Branson and Joplin, Hollywood Connect ( ) and Mastermedia International ( ). The first two contain a list of other Christian arts organizations, and the latter, a prayer guide.

Since Adam’s naming the animals in Genesis, God has given His people a passion to create. The variety of sites here can help you experience or produce memorable creations. Share them as a way to inspire others to do the same.

Ken Satterfield is advertising and marketing coordinator for Word&Way.