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10 practices for ministerial health

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America lists 10 best practices for ministerial health and wellness:

• Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

• Love your neighbor as you love yourself — be an example of self-care as well as caring for others.

• Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy — be intentional about time for rest and renewal within your week, church year and life in ministry.

•Honor your body as a gift from God and temple of the Holy Spirit. Feed it healthy foods and build your physical and emotional endurance with regular physical activity.

• Honor your mother, father, siblings, spouse and/or children with your love, respect and time.

• Reflect your faith and use your gifts in your vocation.

• Develop healthy habits to keep your wholeness wheel in balance and to be fit for a ministry of service.

• Equip yourself to use your gifts effectively to proclaim and live out the gospel in the world.

• Practice and seek forgiveness.

• Pray daily.