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Caribbean Baptists voice solidarity with U.S. tornado victims

KINGSTON, Jamaica (ABP) – The head of the Caribbean Baptist Fellowship pledged prayers and solidarity with tornado victims in the United States.

Everton Jackson, executive secretary-treasurer of the fellowship of about 15 active bodies in English, French/Creole and Spanish languages located within the Caribbean, conveyed concern in a letter June 2 to George Bullard, general secretary of the North American Baptist Fellowship.

“It is likely that some of the persons have Caribbean connection given the reality of migration from the Caribbean to the U.S.A.,” Jackson wrote. “Therefore, the people of the Caribbean are deeply touched by this tragedy and are concerned for our brothers and sisters across racial lines.”

Jackson asked Bullard to convey Caribbean Baptists’ “concerns, prayers and solidarity” to leaders of Baptist organizations in affected areas.

“We are confident that with the help of God, those affected will be inspired to rise above their dilemma and experience expeditious rehabilitation,” Jackson said.

The North American and Caribbean Baptist fellowships are two of six continental or regional unions belonging to the Baptist World Alliance, an umbrella organization representing 41 million Baptists around the world.

Bullard responded to Jackson’s letter requesting additional prayer for Baptist volunteers seeking to minister to disaster victims.

“It has been a year of struggle,” Bullard wrote. “We are seeing even some weariness in the disaster responders. Every time they turn around, there is another disaster.”

On the other hand, Bullard noted the challenge “has called for and created an opportunity for greater partnerships among the various Baptist groups in North America.”

Bob Allen is managing editor of Associated Baptist Press.