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Not called to foster? Here are other ways to help

Offer to babysit—Babysitting foster children requires some time spent in training and certification, but it is a huge help to parents who might need a night or weekend off.

Help around the house—Some foster parents note that with a full house, the laundry pile starts to look like Mount Everest—and it requires nearly as much stamina to conquer. Mowing, cooking a meal or even offering to spend an hour helping clean the house are all great ways to assist foster families in their work when life starts getting the best of them.

Provide emergency supplies—Sometimes foster parents take urgent placements and may not be readily stocked with the things they need, like a crib, diapers or baby food. You can offer your crib that's sitting in storage, or be an extra set of hands and make a quick trip to the store for necessities.

Help with the "extras"—The stipends foster parents receive cover the bare minimum—clothes and food, and sometimes it doesn't even cover all of that.

Transportation and carpooling—With multiple places to be at once, foster families always can use an extra set of wheels.

Prayer—Partner together with a foster family to support them in prayer. They need it daily.