It’s raining grandbabies! - Word&Way

It’s raining grandbabies!

Six days ago, Word&Way’s retired bookkeeper, Margene Neuhart — who has assisted us on a part-time basis since Jan. 1 — became a grandmother. Calvin Edward Jones was her and Eddy’s first grandchild. Their daughter Jesica gave birth to this little miracle of creation on the evening of Aug. 8, delighting Dad Jason and a lot of other family and friends.

We at the office had been anticipating this birth, praying for a safe delivery for Jesica and good health for her baby. Those were answered prayers.

More Word&Way-related grandchildren are on the way and will make their birth appearances before the end of 2012. We’ve been praying for all concerned.

Associate Editor Vicki Brown and her husband Calvin are anticipating No. 2, a little brother for their grandson, Nathan, next month, the progeny of their son Chris and daughter-in-law Jennifer. Communications assistant Jan Conley is equally excited as her son Ritchie and daughter-in-law Hannah plan for an early December birth of a daughter, Jan’s first grandchild.

None of these grandchildren will live in Jefferson City near these Word&Way staffer grandparents. Little Calvin Edward Jones is from the Kansas City area; Vicki’s grandson, the Dallas, Texas, area; and Jan’s granddaughter, Monroe, La. So grandparents from our office will all travel to visit these grandchildren from time to time.

These are not the only babies en route, of course, but we in our office are keenly aware of these as our grandparent friends here share updates and developments. We are all happy for each other here in the Word&Way family. Our current employees have experienced long tenure, so we have literally watched these young parents grow up as youngsters and teens themselves.

The cycle of new life is refreshing. I recently became a great uncle again and that will happen twice again within a few months. We have other staff members awaiting births in their broader families.

It seems to be raining babies — grandbabies, great nephews and nieces, and all manner of babies.

These births that are a generation or two (or three) down the line remind us that we’re all getting a little older than when we first had our own children. One of my own priorities now is to stay healthy so that I can enjoy these new generations of family and friends that are making their debuts in my life.

It also is a reminder that my responsibilities to my grandchildren are somewhat different than were my responsibilities to my children. Our relationships are different. As children start their families, our relationships with our own kids change. Time, distance, priorities and other factors make it so. It is a part of life and pretty universal.

Some of that changing is more or less joyful or more or less disconcerting than other changes. We must remain adaptable. We do it because we love them. Besides, at our ages we have the most experience at making adjustments. By example, we can help the generations that follow make wise adjustments when their turn comes.

Raining babies is a great thing.