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MBU vice president realizes dream with book release

ST. LOUIS — Andy Chambers, senior vice president for student development at Missouri Baptist University, saw an 18-year-old dream realized with when Broadman and Holman Academic released his first book Exemplary Life: A Theology of Church Life in Acts on Nov. 1.

The book addresses the importance of looking to Luke, the writer of Acts, not only as an historian, but also as a theologian who shares a vision for what life could be like in the local church.

“We need Luke’s theology, because his voice has not been emphasized enough in thinking about church life today,” Chambers said. “We tend to go to Paul because he wrote to churches, but Luke planted churches with Paul and had well-formed convictions about church life.”

Chambers’ work builds on themes he originally developed for his dissertation. “Ever since I finished my doctorate, the subject of my dissertation would not let me go,” he said. “The idea for this book burned a whole in my heart for years until I knew I had to write it or let it go.”

He chose to write the book because of his deep love for the local church and his desire to see churches thrive.

Exemplary Life: A Theology of Church Life in Acts is available in the MBU bookstore and can also be ordered online through websites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Christianbook.com.

Chambers has served as a senior administrator at Missouri Baptist University for more than 12 years. He spent 16 years teaching Bible, Greek, theology, Christian education and ministry courses and also has 27 years of experience in a variety of church staff positions. He is a regular conference speaker and has authored numerous magazine and journal articles.

He earned a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology, and master of divinity and Ph.D. degrees at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky.