Journey to Bethlehem: December 8 - Word&Way

Journey to Bethlehem: December 8

Change on the Journey

Today's Scripture: Acts 9:1-19

While typing this I was feeling stuck. Discussing it with my dad, he gave me the silly idea of a ninja cook-off. He made me laugh by saying things like: “Kay, things are just running through your brain like a ninja cutting celery.” But in a time of giggles and laughs, what I wanted to write about occurred to me — my summer journey.

Kaylee See

Kaylee See is a freshman at Glendale High School and member of University Heights Baptist Church in Springfield, Mo.

Before this summer, my dad and I had begun drifting apart. Work was busy for him and I was making some bad decisions. This summer, I hurt a lot of people. I cared about myself only and made a lot of people very disappointed in me. I decided this had to change. We went days with hardly even looking at each other. That was especially hard because my dad has been the one who was always there for me in hard times.

So, I decided to change. I helped in Bible School at University Heights Baptist Church this summer and that was a big turning point for me. I began connecting with the youth and people of the church, gaining happiness, smiles and gradually reconnecting with my dad and family again. God had answered me. I went from not being able to talk to my parents, even about little petty things, to us being able to laugh together and being closer than ever.

I changed from being a girl who just did not care, with hardly any trust and stocked full of attitude, to a girl who is trusted and has a great relationship with her parents. God touched my life and heart by giving me a reality check. I was not who I wanted to be, and he helped me by surrounding me with the right people who cared and wanted to help me grow as a person.