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Easter is a time of renewing our vows

Easter is the signature day on the Christian calendar. Two thousand years ago, prophecy was fulfilled in the resurrection of Jesus from a Jerusalem tomb. More important, Christ fulfilled the purpose of God in redeeming sinful humanity.

For believers, this is akin to a married couple renewing their vows.

Couples renew their wedding vows for many reasons. Perhaps some do because their marriage needs a fresh start after some minor (or major) stress or failure. Usually, it seems, couples take this step after long years of marriage. It is a celebration and a renewal of commitment to a relationship that has been (and is) significantly good.

At Easter, the faithful not only recall the sacrifice of Christ as recorded in Scripture but also revisit their own relationship with the all-accessible Messiah. God is available at every moment, to be sure, but there is something about the Easter focus on the most important spiritual things, and believers are especially reminded of the love of God in our lives and of their own need to reciprocate, i.e., love God deeply in return.

We are reminded to renew our vows of faithfulness and fidelity to the one who once-for-all sealed our pardon.

As such, it is the season when fellow believers as well as unbelieving friends ideally see us at our best as Christians, highly, if not fully, in tune with God and his purposes in our everyday life. Our lives bloom again, like spring flowers.

There is something winsome about flowers that appear dead for a season but then seem to resurrect with vigor according to the Creator’s plan for them. Renewed Christians are winsome in their own right. And they are part of God’s intention, too.

Have a blessed Easter!

Bill Webb is editor of Word&Way.