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Nine tools to make your life easier

This is the year I’m going to get organized!

Ken SatterfieldKen SatterfieldOf course, that’s what I said last year, too. It’s an annual ritual that’s a lot like Charlie Brown continually lining up to kick that football. It’s not that there aren’t helps out there. The basic version of each of these tools are free:

IFTTT ( “If this, then that” is a way to automate your life by “recipes” you set up to store pictures or mute your phone at work with the IF function. The newer DO buttons perform an action, like sending an email update with a map or opening a garage door. ( Manage your inbox by scanning your account for subscriptions, decide which to keep and combine subscriptions into a daily digest. it is both a service and an iOS app.

Cozi ( The app and website combines your family’s schedules into one calendar and shares the information between devices.

Evernote ( It may be less simple to learn but allows you to organize tasks, notes and ideas.

PaperKarma ( Sites like and can help you reduce unwanted mail. This service goes one better: take a picture of unwanted mail, and the service contacts the mailer to remove you from their list.

Buffer ( Organize all your social media accounts and schedule posts in one place.

Mint ( Pay bills, budget your finances and check your credit with this handy app.

Dragon Mobile Assistant and Dragon Go! ( These voice-recognition applications for Android and iOS respectively convert voice to text. They unlock with your voice and adapt to your speech patterns as well as recognize when you are driving for hands-free operation.

VolunteerMatch ( Your church and other religious organizations depend on volunteers. But if you want to try something new, this will help match your location and interests with those who need your help.

Maybe this will be the year when I can get better organized. How about you? If you also have trouble kicking that ball each year, these can help you have a ball by making life simpler.

Ken Satterfield, a former media specialist, is Word & Way’s Advertising/Marketing specialist. Share your own favorites in the comments.

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