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29 Summer Church Communication Ideas

It’s no secret: In most places, churches slow down for the summer. Between travel and groups taking a break, coordinating schedules because of vacation, mission and conference travel becomes next to impossible.

Ken SatterfieldKen SatterfieldHow can you continue to be engaged with your church and community? Here are some ideas:

• Offer family kindness bags containing items for random acts of kindness.
• Share pictures of events from VBS, camps and maintenance projects on social media.
• Utilize Facebook Live to share video. Find easy set up and tips suggestions at tinyurl.com/MAF1-July2018.
• Give updates from individuals and groups doing summer missions, online or via video during worship.
• Post sermons transcripts or audio and video streaming. Buzzsprout.com provides inexpensive hosting options.
• Make family prayer bags available with vacation devotions and prayer needs symbols.
• Put up a map with pins representing places members have been during the summer.
• Let people take your church logo with them and post pictures of from where they visit.
• Pin up church bulletins that people bring back from trips.
• Promote summer month book clubs with short, challenging titles, and then gather to discuss ideas each month.
• Have a reading club with age-appropriate goals and titles. (You can even make the books of the Bible be your reading list.)
• Poll people about serious or silly topics and share results. Poll-maker.com and Typeform are two examples of free ways to construct and share these.
• Share contests such as scavenger hunts or trivia questions. One suggestion is to send a picture of a free gift with a picture and hint where it can be found.
• Publicize “out in the community” events: service in the park or ballpark, rented pool, cookout or watermelon and worship.
• Schedule a community service time or weekly time for a project, student lunches or delivering meals.
• Hold an Adult VBS.
• Encourage reports on a theme: “What I’m doing this summer” or “Top this vacation story!”
• Use summer references from the Bible in publicity.
• Call members you haven’t seen in a while and just say “Howdy.”
• Schedule community clean up times.
• Use email and texts to send out reminders, prayer needs (with permission), the week ahead, or news from the previous week.
• Promote a list of summer reading titles locally.
• Encourage members to attend elsewhere as they travel, and help them find a church if needed.
• Have Shareback Sundays, with archived messages or online summer series.
• Consider a calling service or phone tree for those not “wired.”
• Promote spontaneous lunches through social media; pay for a meal or a soda.
• Promote Bible apps such as bible.com and bible.com/kids, or Christian meditation like Abide.is.
• Let the professionals in your church offer their talents, free, to the needy in your community.
• Offer notes and cards and phone numbers to contact those away during the summer.

Ken Satterfield is a former media specialist and Word&Way’s marketing coordinator.

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