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Age Is Just Another Number (Unless It’s Yours)

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(WW) — What is “old”? Growing up, the answer seems to keep changing every time I get closer to what I thought was the correct answer.

Ken Satterfield

Ken Satterfield

It wasn’t that long ago that the editor wrote a column acknowledging that he was hitting the “Big 6-0.” (Not the current editor, that young whippersnapper. I’m talking about Word&Way’s editor emeritus, Bill Webb.) Reading that column again ( gave me some perspective on my own upcoming speed bump this month.

I’ve not been looking forward to turning 60. It helps that I’ve already had a trial run. When Jill, my college buddy Jim’s wife, was planning a party for him, she decided to throw a “Happy Birthday to Us!” party for a bunch of friends in our class. It was a great time and makes the real thing a lot easier.

So, how about some resources to celebrate life’s milestones? Here’s to celebrating the past or anticipating the future:

Create your own bucket list. Prudential says 90 percent of those over 55 have one; many of the lists I found were things to do before you turn (sigh) 60. Fast Company suggests that elements of your own list should include preparatory time (and inspiration), specifics, accountability, and flexibility – and it should make a difference in your daily life (

Crosswalk created a “do before heaven” version for Christians. Their list includes apologizing, volunteering, sharing, planting, and joining a choir ( has literally millions of suggestions to choose from and allows list creators to encourage one another.

birthday cake

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Stop and smell the discounts. Age-related discounts can help ease the pain. lists about 150 to enjoy (

Keep healthy. Know age-related health concerns for men ( and women (, and plan for health screenings ( Discover drug interactions and side effects at or AARP (

Appreciate history. You can find out about your birthday or birth year at year at or Other lists include movie lines, book, children’s book, breakfast, dessert, candy, gadgetstoy, slang, baby names, song, exercise fad, and hairstyles. And you can look for year-related photos at

Appreciate places. links historical photos of locations to Google Maps, and allows you to contribute. Hey! There’s a hobby for your bucket list.

Meanwhile, I’ve just discovered a new answer for what is old. According to research (, old age doesn’t start until age 74!

Ken Satterfield (, Word&Way’s marketing coordinator, welcomes your cards and condolences.

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