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Top 10 Essays from A Public Witness in 2021

In May, we launched our new e-newsletter A Public Witness. Each week subscribers get one-to-three essays — with about half of them only available to paid subscribers. And each Friday, subscribers get our weekly roundup email of top news and more. You can subscribe today.

Here are the 10 most-read issues of A Public Witness in 2021:

10. The Power of Inoculation (Oct. 21). This piece considered lessons from an 18th century preacher and social science research on persuasion to think about the role of clergy in encouraging COVID-19 vaccinations.

9. When Christian Colleges Fail the Test (Nov. 11). This piece reflected on governance issues roiling Southwest Baptist University and other schools (like Cornerstone University, North Park University, and Samford University).

8. Unsettling Advent (Nov. 18). This piece considered similarities between this unusual year and the time of Jesus’s birth (pandemic/deaths, racial oppression, and insurrection), and helped launch our Unsettling Advent daily devotional series.

7. Motion to Dismiss (Oct. 26). This piece looked at Christians taking each other to court in light of the lawsuit Mike Stone filed (and later dropped) against Russell Moore.

6. A (re)call from God? (Sept. 14). This piece analyzed campaign speeches in churches by California gubernatorial candidates, and reflected on the problems with such campaigning.

5. Spiritual-But-Not-Religious Vaccine Exemptions (Nov. 9). This piece explored the issue of religious exemptions to vaccine mandates.

4. The War on Military Chaplains (Oct. 19). This piece analyzed comments by U.S. Senators that demonstrated a problematic understanding of the role and mission of chaplains.

3. Christianity Without Redemption (Aug. 5). This piece considered how society responds to mistakes and if there’s a chance for people to find redemption.

2. Our 2021 Books of the Year (Dec. 7). This piece looked back at 15 great books from this year.




1. Make Worship Great Again (Dec. 21). This piece reported on the Dec. 19 “worship” service at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, with Donald Trump, and explained the theological problems with the messages.

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