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President Donald Trump tweeted out a warning to his followers, claiming religious liberty in the U.S. was in danger. For proof, the president retweeted a video of an unmasked local politician in Moscow, Idaho, being arrested in late September while a group of people around him sing a hymn.

A grassroots group and local religious leaders held a prayer event Tuesday (Oct. 6) on Stone Mountain, calling for the removal of a Confederate flag and other reminders of the Civil War at the park boasting a massive carving of Confederate leaders.

Weeks before Election Day, leaders of the National Association of Evangelicals have reaffirmed their call for Christian engagement in the public square, signing a statement about issues on which they agree. 

Misinformation about billionaire liberal philanthropist George Soros remains common among anti-Semitic tweets directed at Jewish members of Congress, according to a new report from the Anti-Defamation League.

As news of President Donald Trump's positive COVID-19 test spread, prayers began flowing for his recovery and for the recovery of First Lady Melania Trump. Among the first to pray: former Vice President Joe Biden, Trump’s rival in the current presidential race. 

A secular advocacy group has filed a federal lawsuit challenging a voter registration form in Alabama, arguing the state violates the constitutional rights of applications by requiring them to declare “so help me God” when signing up to vote.

The Trump administration has announced the maximum number of refugees it plans to admit into the United States in the coming year, and once again, it is a historic low: 15,000. Several faith-based organizations involved in refugee resettlement expressed outrage at the number.

A day after the subject of racism played a primary role during the Cleveland presidential debate, it was declared a religious issue at a virtual event of the Joe Biden presidential campaign.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has apologized to a survivor of a racist 1963 church bombing that killed four Black girls, calling the blast an “egregious injustice,” but declining Wednesday to pay restitution without legislative involvement. 

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly has moved a Kansas Statehouse meditation room created by Republicans as a place for prayer and reflection to a less-visible space to create more room for her staff to social distance during the coronavirus pandemic.