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This issue of A Public Witness takes you inside the recent Summit for Religious Freedom put on by Americans United for Separation of Church and State to consider both the challenges of the moment and the path toward a better future.

Cantor Sheri Allen, co-founder of the Jewish congregation Makom Shelanu, called the bills a “blatant violation of the separation of church and state.”

This issue of A Public Witness takes a look (it’s in a book) at the religious history of public libraries and the ways they help our communities go twice as high. Then it introduces us to friends to know and ways to grow as we support our local libraries.

'(I) grew up in the moral movement with Rev. Barber and the Poor People's Campaign,' said Rep. Justin Jones.

Multiple faith groups object to Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk’s ruling on mifepristone, saying it is motivated by a sectarian version of Christianity that tramples over their beliefs.

With the issue of honoring the Sabbath coming to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, this issue of A Public Witness previews the case and explores the issue of Sabbath observance as something more than just attending church, having a nice meal, and watching a game on TV.

The Stanley M. Herzog Charitable Foundation has awarded grants to schools that exclude LGBTQ students and families and paid for creationist science teacher training.

They went to their churches on the evening after Easter — to cry, to light candles, to ask God why, on this holiday of rebirth, they must mourn so much death.

An official of a Virginia school district said its ‘determination is not based on any particular religious viewpoint.’

On Friday, the Poor People's Campaign and Rev. William Barber, a Disciples of Christ pastor and activist, announced a clergy-led “Moral Monday” protest to be held in Nashville later this month.