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The incidents have been organized by extremist groups who consider Christians to be enemies of the Jewish people.

Police in eastern Pakistan arrested 129 Muslims after a mob angered by an alleged Quran desecration attacked a dozen churches and nearly two dozen homes of minority Christians, officials said Thursday. Police also arrested the two Christian men suspected of defacing the Quran.

This issue of A Public Witness takes you to Chicago to hear a taste of religious leaders calling for the people of the world’s religions to work together for religious freedom and to make a more peaceful and just world.

The proposed loan to the Museum of the Bible in Washington underscores the deepening ties between Israel and evangelical Christians in the U.S, whom Israel has come to count on for political support, tourism dollars, and other benefits.

When the war started, most priests remained silent, fearing pressure from the church and state authorities; only a small fraction have spoken out. Of more than 40,000 clergymen in the Russian Orthodox Church, only 300 priests signed a public letter calling for peace in Ukraine.

US politicians are under increasing pressure to account for their courtship of Indian Prime Minister Modi, the leader of a strategically important ally and the world's largest democracy.

Keeping channels for dialogue open with the Kremlin, Pope Francis has bucked the Western world's refusal to take a mediated approach to ending the Ukraine war.

The shrinking religious minority that was also violently targeted by al-Qaida before the rise of IS has been rocked by yet another crisis in the form of a political showdown between two influential Christian figures.

The government repeated its condemnation of such desecrations, saying they are “deeply offensive and reckless acts committed by few individuals” and "do not represent the values the Danish society is built on.”

The explanatory note attached to the law said its goal is to “abandon the Russian heritage,” including that of “imposing the celebration of Christmas” on Jan. 7.